Katie Cassidy's Gossip Girl Character is Named ...

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Juliet Sharp. That's all we've got for now (shout-out to EW's spoiler Q&A for the scoop) but we're sure plenty more details of Katie Cassidy's new Gossip Girl character - a Columbia student and new love interest for Nate - will emerge soon enough.

Are you excited to have Katie/Juliet on board?

Katie Cassidy Picture
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When I saw her in gossip girl I thought she was older than most of the cast. I said to myself "Nate is going to fall for an older woman again. I was surprise to see she was a student(and not a teacher) at the school that Serena and Blair go to. She's a beautiful woman but she agse quickly...maybe its the sun?


I am looking forward to it. As much Melrose Place flopped, Katie Cassidy's character Ella was the main reason to watch the show. Is she the greatest actress? Probably not, but I think she'll be enjoyable.
I don't know if I want her as a longterm character, but I think it will be fun to see what Katie does with the character and how it affects the show.


Obviously Katie isn't the best actress in the cast. There are plenty of good actors. But she is really good. I know people will say "but Melrose Place flopped". Well, yeah, it did, but when you really think about it, aside from the original cast coming back every now and then and reliving their characters from the 90's, Katie was the reason to watch it... She was really great as Ella Simms. It's just screwed up that she will be Nate's girl, because we all know how that ends: eventually manwhore will get tired of her and she'll vanish without an explanation. Well, at least she'll stay for about 10 or 12 episodes and she might even make Chace Crawford's acting not seem so cringe-worthy.


1) I'm so sick of Katie Cassidy's publicists commenting on this blog site. Seriously, who else would use Hollywood industry terms and rave about her like that? 2) Katie Cassidy is NOT the best actress in the cast. She either plays a flat eye-candy or a bitch... all the roles she takes on lacks dimension. In case you forgot, Melrose Place TANKED. When an actress' projects are always mediocre or epic fails, you cannot say that actress is "the best actress". 3) I hope she doesn't mess up GG's reputation. I agree that they should put more of Georgina, at least her character has way more substance than a blonde 'bitch'.


Juliet..they're just copying the Lost character!


i hate the writers not focusing on the main gg characters blair,chuck,nate, serena.. they keep throwing us new characters.. i wish s4 a better storyline for blair n chuck,nate n serena.. and wish for once serena has a better storyline...pls i love her..no more new love interest for nate...


She looks older than i thought she would


First of all, are you kidding? She does NOT look older than Lily! Second, lots of people go to college/ university when they're older. Third, it's about time Nate stopped cycling through the same two girls. And lastly... has anyone noticed that she looks an awful lot like Serena? Just thought I'd point that out.




LOL at katie haters.
atleast she can acts great. unlike blake who is mumbling and only have 2 facial expressions,

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