Leighton Meester Hoping For Chuck-Blair Reconciliation?

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Does Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester want to see Chuck and Blair back together? If so, she's certainly not the only one. She may have a greater insight than most of us, however, given that she plays the role of Blair Waldorf (amazingly well, we might add).

Curious to hear the actress' take on the relationship and other topics?

You can follow the link to listen to Leighton's interview with MTV here.

Many thanks to Rebecca_Archibald (via Leighton Fan) for the tip!

Hot. As. Elle. Again.

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Chuck and Blair
Blair and Chuck
they are meant to be together!!!


I love it how Leighton and Ed support Chair.They are endgame.I can already see their marriage.To the people who says the season is lack of hot Chair scenes just because of a trouble between Ed/Leighton ,Reread their interviews about Chair and than comment again.Obviously the two loves to work with each other more than anybody so they root for Chair passionately.


love love love Chair! And its very clever of the writers to have them break up so dramatically at the end of Season 3. Can't wait for them to reconnect again ;-) As for Nate - loved Serenate and hope they get back together in the end too ...


@ilovechuck chuck and blair are totally getting married someday, they are endgame(OTP) and that is a must.


I think Blair and Chuck should marry at the end of the show... I think they should be together in real life also... Blair and Chuck are perfect for each other, because that "dark side" its part of them both, and they are the only ones that understand it.
I love Chuck... he is so perfect!!


I voted for Leighton everyday for the best actress category of the teen's choice award. I cannot think of anyone else more deserving. This video made me like her even more! Thank God for Leighton/Blair. Otherwise, gossip girl would not have reached season 4 :)


GO LEIGHTON! you're such a smart girl.


CHAIR FTW, ALWAYS. And I love the dynamic between Leighton and Ed. Secretly I wish they would date in real life, but the fact that they love each other as friends and co-workers makes me happy nonetheless.

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