So You Think You Can Dance Review: Top 8 Perform

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A pall was cast over So You Think You Can Dance last night after it was revealed that Alex Wong hurt his leg while rehearsing a Bollywood routine with Adechike Torbert.

He could not perform last night.

Best case: He'll recover and perform next week. Worst case: Alex ruptured his Achilles tendon and is DFY. Sad. He's in the bottom three tonight automatically either way.

Given his popularity, and the fact that fans will sympathize with his injury, we'd say there's little chance he'll be voted out, especially if there's a chance he's on the mend. 

If he can't perform next week, however, then he's out for good. Cross your fingers that scenario never comes into play and wish Alex Wong a swift and thorough recovery.

Top 8 Dancers

YOUR TOP EIGHT DANCERS: (from left to right) Lauren Froderman, Jose Ruiz, Kent Boyd, the injured Alex Wong, Ashley Galvan, AdeChike Torbert, Robert Roldan and Billy Bell.

As for the remaining dancers, we can say with some degree of certainty that the only two girls left standing - Lauren Froderman and Ashley Galvan - will remain standing.

They rocked. As for the guys? Robert Roldan and AdeChike could be on the chopping block. Here's a rundown of all of last night's So You Think You Can Dance routines ...

Lauren with Pasha Kovalev (cha cha): Oh, that was one hot cha cha. Mia Michaels called it "pure murderation," whatever that means. We'd settle for maddeningly hot!

Jose Ruiz with Lauren Gottlieb (contemporary): Jose tool hold of this sexy number, showcasing strength and his control that mask whatever he lacks in technical ability.

Kent Boyd with Comfort Fedoke (hip-hop): Kent actually sold this one, rather than doing the ridiculous overacting he's renowned for, and he was praised for his growth.

AdeChike with Courtney Galiano (jazz): The judges say it wasn't his best, saying there was too much personality and "mediocre" technical effort. Not a good combination.

Billy with Katee Shean (Broadway): This "Cats" number was actually terrific, as cheesy as it could have been - and we expected to be. Billy's best of the season so far.

Ashley Galvan with Dominic Sandoval (hip-hop): It was great to see Ashley excel in something other than contemporary. Not perfect, but she was an awesome ninja.

Robert Roldan with Kathryn McCormick (jazz): The Ken and Barbie bit wasn't our favorite, but the judges came to his defense, lamenting his frequent bottom three status.

AdeChike (Bollywood): Dancing with a ringer in place of Alex, AdeChike held his own in this notoriously difficult genre. Nigel was nit-picking a bit on this one if you ask us.

Kent and Lauren (contemporary): Simply gorgeous. Nigel called them the ultimate in male and female dancers this year, and he probably wasn't hyperbolizing this time.

Robert and Ashley (quick-step): This dance netted little praise, although the dance itself can be blamed for that as much as the dancers themselves. It just didn't click.

Jose and Billy (African jazz): Billy outclassed Jose, appearing sharper and more controlled. The consensus was that Jose gave a performance that was lacking in power.

Which routine was your favorite on So You Think You Can Dance last night? Who will be the bottom two joining Alex? Leave a comment and discuss!


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The blonde host woman, they need to loose her.. Vile, fake and I cant stand listening to her voice. I mute every time it talks.. Gah..


i simply LOVE jose he's amazing but what Mia said was out of line just plain RUUDEE :|
i mean sure jose has the heart the mind the soul and confidence but i mean adechike had more of a much different dance than jose because to me jose's was much more easier than adechike's and the style was sort of different one was about a genie and one was more i think cultural and her apology ? what apology was that ! it wasnt even an apology please ugh she makes me SICK no matter she always compliments jose and make his fans happy in a way i feel that they should bring back Mary cause shes actually pretty cool but no they keep the stupid man looking witch ugh just disgusting ...


Wow, I LOVE Mia's choreography but to be honest she was WAYYYYY too harsh on can be harsh if it's really just constructive criticism but her dislike towards him was sooo obvious.What did the kid ever do to you,sheesh! so you're saying that the reason you can give jose a free pass on his flaws is because of his warm heart?? that's being BIASED and unfair to adechike as well as all the other contestants. I understand that people have favorites but you are supposed to judge fairly and without bias. I feel Mia was totally out of line and her dislike for adechike is so apparent so she shouldn't be a judge right now because she's obviously not able to keep her personal feelings to the side....where's Mary Murphy when you need her? Way to go Cat for bringing that issue to light and addressing it with the judges, you were truly being fair. Alex i pray you get better, you rock my world...


Mia just apologised to Adechike for being tough . Well she was a bitch and it probably got back to her. I am not happy with her as a full time judge. I feel mary Murphy was a much better fit screams or not to Nigel and Adam and Mia brings tension and strife. They were very unfair to Adechike last night and one just gets the feeling they dont like him. When your personal opinion seeps into your objectivity I lose respect for as a professional. Hope Mia does not return next season. She should stick to her choreography which is brilliant


Mia's comments were way out of line last night no different from the last three weeks. I appreciated Cat challenging the judges. Also, Adam doesn't seem to have his own opinions - mimmicks Mia.


By the way go Cat!!!!!!!


James I agree with you. I don't think they really like him especially Mia. I think it is started during auditions when he did a tap dance and the judges hated it which I didn't understand why he did a tap dance. I think he was trying to show range. The need to get over it.


Cat Deeley, if you're reading this, you rock my socks off! Thanks for putting the judges in their place last night. To Mia and Adam, congrats on your Emmy noms. You two plus Nigel make for the best judges in any competition. For many of the dancers, you give really great, specific advice on how they can improve...more than I can say for other judges in other shows. BUT unfortunately, you're not consistently critical of all your dancers. For Jose, with your gushing over him, you are FAILING him as mentor and guidance.


I'm so glad Kat Deely called the judges out on the Bollywood number. Adechike's attempt was miles ahead of Jose's! Don't get me wrong, I love Jose. But I feel that Adechike is a much better dancer technically, but the judges seem to be always hard on him. Anyone agree?


please alex. get better.
i hope he isnt eliminated

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