So You Think You Can Dance Elimination: Melinda Sullivan

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It wasn't a good sign last week when Nigel Lythgoe told Melinda Sullivan he voted to oust her but was overruled. Nor was it very promising last night, when Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels basically admitted that, yeah, their bad for keeping her over Cristina Santana.

Her fate all but sealed heading in, the judges inevitably sent Melinda home Thursday.

Following the previous evening's top nine performances, Robert Roldan (not surprising) and Billy Bell (somewhat surprising) landed in the bottom three along with Melinda.

Melinda Sullivan Picture

Melinda Sullivan couldn't tap her way out of this one.

You knew Billy would be spared, so it came down to Melinda and Robert, who Mia said needs show some more personality. Billy? He just needs to evolve, grow a little bit.

Before the bottom three danced for their lives, we learned that Alex Wong, Ashley Galvan, AdeChike Torbert, Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman and Jose Ruiz were all safe.

We're now left with six guys and now only two girls!

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing last night was learning how next week, the eight dancers will do two routines each; one with an All-Star, and one with a competitor.

There was also performance from the Cirque du Soleil show “Viva ELVIS,” plus Ne-Yo’s live performance of the song “Beautiful Monster.” Typical results show fodder.

The dancers finally performed their solos, and Melinda was sent home. Having been in the bottom three each of the first three weeks of the finals, she had to be.

Next week, it could be Robert under the gun. He's looking particularly vulnerable these days and could become the first male casualty here in Season Seven.

Do you think American and the So You Think You Can Dance judges made the right decision sending Melinda Sullivan home? Discuss below!


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My husband and I have been faithful viewers of SYTYCD for all seasons since Benji Schwimmer. We love the show and have immensely enjoyed many of the styles performed. Yes, there are those who appear much better than others and they, for the most part rise to the top. They do not always win, but they certainly make the tour and are well noted as does your "All Stars" show this year. We have cringed at Mary with her screams, but laughed and cried as well when the dancing is superior or mistakenly horrid on occasion,but to her credit, I have never heard Mary belittle and demean a person the way that I have listened to Mia Michaels this year. I have had, until now, "Great Pleasure" in reviews of 99% of Mia's work on the show. Unfortunately, at this time, I feel that she can not be impartial in her reviews and I am at a point that I wish that she would excuse herself from the panel with the way she has begun to throw people away. This is certainly no way to give someone impetous to desire to move ahead and learn more. More likely, it could cause someone to completely give up and walk away. These are the top 10 that you found in the entire country. Apparently they have much worth in this industry and should work to make it a life's goal to work in the industry that they so dearly love. I firmly believe that a retraction of comments made and an apology to both Melinda and Adcheka (misspelling???)needs to be given on air if she should be granted the opportunity to stay as a judge. The path that she has presently chosen is not the way to build love for the program or for dance. I realize that she is a great artist and has worked with many wonderful dancers in her life. I realize that she knows more about dance than any common person would, but she obviously has forgotten graciousness.


I don't know where to post this but I wanted to let you know how myself and friends that I was watching to show with were appalled at Mia Michael's statement against the tapper - saying that they had made a mistake by keeping her. How absolutely horrific. She had no write to say something like that. How so unprofessional. And then for Adam (I believe is his name) to agree with her. I hope this goes through because I will feel better knowing that my feelings are out there.
Florence LeBlanc

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