Spotted: Chace Crawford and Katie Cassidy!

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Perennial Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford and the newest Gossip Girl hottie, Katie Cassidy, were spotted taking a stroll on the set of our favorite show in New York City.

It's hard to tell so early, but do you think there's chemistry there?

As we know, the former Melrose Place star will have a multi-episode story arc as a Columbia University student and potential love interest for Nate. Can't wait to see it!

Chace and Katie
Katie and Chace

Are you excited to see Nate's latest lady love, or do you wish he'd just get back together with Serena (or another character) already? Comment away!

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Serena and Nate should get back together in S4 cos they r mean for each other. Serena and Dan should not get back together cos both their parents are married to each other


NO! he is good single in real life.
for meeee :P
so hot man


nate & vanessa were great together. they were actually happy, but then some weird plot line made nate break up with her and want to get back with blair.. i never quite understood that.


godddd, you people are so ANNOYING! Serena and Nate were AWFULLLLLL! They don't have any chemistry together, they were like brother and sister. I'd kill myself if I ever have to see those 2 together again, the only thing they were doing is lie to eachother, and Serena ended up with Dan in bed. She cheated on Nate, and you think they belong together? Get a life! The only person Nate was actually a good person with was Vanessa. NATE + VANESSA!!!!!!!!


Katie Cassidy is only 23 years old, which in the majority of the rest of the Gossip Girl cast. She also has a fresher and younger look than Leighton and Blake. I honestly do not understand why you all think Nate and Serena were "the best couple." Yeah they have a past, but they are a horrible couple! I honestly did not even feel that they were a couple at all during last season, they were so distant and lied to one another so much. Yeah, they had intimate sexual scenes, but that was the only thing telling people they were together. I think the writers of the show need to wake up and ground these characters much more than they already have been. These are 18/19 year old kids who are acting like they are 26. Granted they have been since the series began, but still. I hope they make everything much better and stop rotating characters with one another like musical chairs.


First of all, Katie Cassidy is not that old and is DEFINETELY does not look old. She is way better looking than the rest of the cast. Ya need to stop hating on her cause she is beautifaul and she can actually ACT! Unlike the others. I will be tuning in this season to see Katie's spectacular acting. And BTW she is way too pretty for Nate! She was increadible in Melrose Place. RIP Ella Simms! Go Katie! Make this show interesting!


Iyyy! I want Serenate forever!! this woman is just old :/


So excited! Katie is full of awesomeness! I think I will like this two wotgether. Whorenate. Sorry.. I ment Serenate was an disaster. Please do not let it be endgame.


i think Serenate will get back together because all the other couples in the show always have more than one chance, so it would not be fair if the writers just gave them one little fling. also juliet sharp(Katie Cassidy) is not staying for the whole season anyway!!!


nate and serena are supposed to be best friends and have known each other since they were so young (one of the reasons their relationship is so much more special than all their other relationships with other people) but i dont feel like that was brought into serenate's relationship in s3. hopefully season 4 will change that, and i hope this katie cassidy chick will force serena to fight for nate cuz its always the other way around!


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