Taylor Momsen: I'm Not Miley Cyrus!

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"I'm not looking to be Miley f*cking Cyrus" - Taylor Momsen

Well then. The 16-year-old Gossip Girl star, who's never shied away from speaking her mind, recently told FHM UK that she loathes comparisons to another teen idol.

Both Miley Cyrus, 17, and Momsen are stars who sing and act, but Momsen fronts the dark, edgy band The Pretty Reckless and Cyrus sings lighter country-pop fare.

Comparing the two, Taylor says: "I don't care about fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we'll go along for the ride."

"I'm not dissing Miley personally. However, I do think the Disney bubblegum s*** that the world is living right now is pathetic. I thought we passed that repression."

"I don't know Miley, but we're different. To compare us because of age is silly."

Taylor M.

Taylor isn't trying to be Miley ... but is Miley trying to be Taylor?

Although she's been trying to shed her perky 'tween image with provocative outfits and sound bytes, Cyrus rose to fame as the squeaky-clean star of Hannah Montana.

Interestingly, Momsen herself is said to have auditioned for the Hannah role. She was 7 when she starred as Cindy Lou Who in 2000's How the Grince Stole Christmas.

Momsen tells the magazine that fans should be "surprised" by her band's new album. "I mean, it's a rock record. I get that there is this blonde thing from Gossip Girl and they're expecting pop s***, but it's a rock band and its heavy. Our record is a life record."

"It confronts everything head on, death, love, drugs, sex, religion, politics."

Do you like Taylor's music? Or Taylor Momsen in general? Does her candid and often abrasive attitude rub you the wrong way, or is it a refreshing change from all the fake, pre-packaged celebrities out there? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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I am not going to start off saying that I hate Taylor because you all are talking about how you guys hate taylor, its no use, its not like she is going to see this, she has better - or worse - things to do than go on the internet and look at what shit people are writing about her.
I like Taylor Momsen because of her acting and singing, and if you take it from me, she is really unique, everyone is right, what girl wears lingerie on stage, what girl smokes at 16, what girl talks about sex and maybe even has sex...Here is your answer...Taylor Momsen and dozens of other girls. The only reason I don't like Taylor Momsen is because of what she said at an interview about her having no interest on whether or not kids are influenced by her bad habits...I remember the time when I used to watch 'The Grinch' a million times a day, I used to love that little innocent girl...
She chose to be famous, so she has to take responsibility about it which means she has to take care of her image and what the press thinks about her...
Right now, it seems that she is going through the rebellious phase, I hope she grows out of it, everyone does..
But for now
Good Luck Taylor's Parents....


why are we comparing them? obviously different target markets.
yeah they the same age. maybe compare attitudes. but different markets. so that explains it too taylors goin for rebel rock chick who doesn't give a daym. but really does cuz she does her make up etc.. to maek that statement. so she obviously cares. if she didnt give a she wouldnt blah miley breakin outta the disney shell. xtina brit timberlake did it too. so did hils. chill out guys


Taylor's gross and Miley's an oversexed slut. They are not at all the same.


love momsen she is he best i dont care a fuck what people say about her,miley is a bitch..end of story


personally, i love her songs.i really think she's beautiful and definitly has a personality - wich is why she acts like that,kind of trying to prove herself - but sometimes she should try to act more like a 16 year old! i know that she's done much more than most of the girls her age, but still, she looks like a hoe talking and acting like that. she's not making a new style, she's just critizing the others, wich is something that she shouldn't do!! i hate when she talks like that, like which girl in the world would have said that has a vibrator as a best friend? wake up taylor, you're good, but not gonna last if you keep acting like that


I get how shes doing the whole "fuck the media, i am who i am" thing so she can be notorious for being supposedly outspoken and different. But cant she be just a little more decent? Shes going to ruin herself. her acting career, and her music career. In 20 years she'll be the next courtney love. Married a rock star, having a good music career for a while but then it turns shitty and shell make a few failures. She clutch on to her D-list status while shes in her 40's and will be forgotten for what movies shes been in and the songs she's sung and will be seen as a "who invited that chick?" of hollywood. We'll see her on the news having O.D'd or got knocked up or married young to some douche-bag wanna-be rock star. Dont get me wrong though, i dont mind her. Ive always had a soft spot for jenny humphrey too. But i dont think it would hurt to have a little more decency towards others. This "fuck you" attitude wont get her far. Shes starting out on the straight an narrow path to shit all.


stupid fucking bitch. who does she think she's calling "disney bubblegum shits"??? i mean, i'm no fan of Miley and all but CHILDREN below 13 cant possibly watch things like Gossip Girl and all.
she thinks she's so mature, i'm sure when she was "younger" (whenever that was...like 2 years ago?) she watched Lizzie Maguire too. Hypocrite.


Taylor Momsen is really stupid. She's trying to come off as this tough young girl just to fight off the trend of what she might become soon due to Gossip Girl and her past roles in movies and to compare other artists to her, she's just using it to promote herself to make herself look different and NO ONE is copying NO ONE. They are who they are, get over it. Plus, Taylor Momsen is going down. This young girl, honestly and truthfully hearing from a friend who knows someone who hangs out with her, this girl is doing Xanax and other drugs and she's ready headed down a bad path at a young age. Let's hope she's not being stupid.


i like taylor's music and not just "make me wanna die" her other songs like "blender" and "zombie" aswell she is a good singer and a good actress aswell i never have been a fan of miley but i don't either one of them is trying to be the other thre two completely different people with completely different music of course miley wants to grow up she's been known for practically ever as just "Hannah Montanna" so she wants to break out of her shell a little it's understanderble. Taylor on the other hand needs to think before she speaks you don't have to slag everyone off to be considered different.


she sings butt rock hahaha atleast miley's music is upbeat and atleast HALFWAY catchy..


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