The New Man in Meredith Grey's Life

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According to EW's Michael Ausiello, there’s a new man in Mer’s life on Grey's Anatomy.

James Tupper!

Of course, just because the newly-cast therapist is in her life doesn't mean it's romantic in any way. This little news tidbit is most notable because it's the first clue we've gotten as to who will require Dr. Andrew Perkins' services after the Season Six finale.

Meredith makes sense for obvious reasons. How do you think she (and Derek) will handle the fallout from everything that went on? Who else do you think needs therapy? Who doesn't?

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The Chief's Wife

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well, if this hot shot doctor is starting anything with Meredith, Derek will need A LOT more therapy :D


Im most worried for bailey and meredith.. I really hope they will be okay after that finale. I think derek, owen and alex need therapy because they allmost died..


I would love it if Izzie came back for a guest spot...wonder if she will? Did Shonda ever say either way if Izzie would ever be a guest? Everyone will be having PTSD like Owen.


When Bailey sarts yelling a lot, then we'll know it's therapy time for her. I'm thinking more and more it's Meredith being held back from returning to work, initially. Her intro to 6.23 talked about the hospital being her home, where she grew up, learned to read and write. Whilst all the surgeons seem to get a kick out of surgery, the hospital is where they work. Mer spent part of her childhood waiting for her mom to finish work. I guess day care in the hospital wasn't an option them. The hospital isn't a safe haven anymore for Mer, and this is in addition to Der being shot, Der 'dying' and the miscarriage.


Well, besides Mer, Lexie's going to need to talk to someone. She felt guilty for Alex getting shot, and also had to deal with the heartbreaking moment when she told him in his near-death that she loved him, and he responded by crying out for Izzie. Alex and (somewhat) Mark were in need of therapy before the shooting if you ask me, so hopefully they'll get it. & Both Derek and Dr. Webber are going to have guilt issues to work through. (But, I think Webber will be just fine. He proved his calm and strength in the finale. I'm guessing this event will cause Derek to step down as chief however.) And my poor Bailey, she's strong but no one's that strong. I think she had it the worst, not being able to do anything to help (which is completely against this character's nature). She's going to need some healing.


Dr. Webber. He didn't just witness a suicide. He talked Mr. Clark into it. That would eventually be at odds with him (Weber) as a doctor. He did that to save others of course but I'd bet for the character, it will still have an impact on him.


I read elsewhere Perkins won't let the SGMWH staffers go back to work til he's OK'd it. He's reportedly now in three episodes. Still think the therapy will reoccur later in the season


Mark was an onlooker to the random shooting of that nurse who said to mr c he shouldn't go up the stairs. But I don't think that's on a par with Bailey being pulled out of hiding, Cris having a gun to her head, Webber witnessing a suicide, Der, Alex and Owen being shot, Mer witnessing her husband being shot,Lexie being held at gun point. I just can't see the script covering everyone in therapy. But I just can't believe the therapist will only be around for two episodes


But he didn't face Gary face to face. I don't think Mark is in need of therapy. He's going to be fine in the premiere since he's going to work on a case with Callie.


@ana114: Mark did, when Lexie asked him for a consult, Mr Clark went up the stairs and then started shooting nurses front of him lol. Then they both found Alex in the elevator :)

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