Awful Gossip Girl Rumor Debunked

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We're not even sure where this one got started (possibly by E! Online itself) but there's a rumor that Chuck tries to rape and beat Blair - E! says it's not true, though. Phew.

"LOL. Not true in the least," says a Gossip Girl source.

To fuel speculation over things that might actually happen when the show returns in less than three weeks, check out the Gossip Girl Season 4 trailer if you haven't already!

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what a waste of space and my time. delete this article, its honestly a disgrace.


I never would have believed it anyway


I think its CW or the writers them selves starting these internet rumors and trying to capture people's attention lol. idk...


Elise of the Upper East Side,im pretty sure you don't really hate gossip girl writers cos your on the tv fanactic fan page and your pic is chuck and blair and your name has "upper east side" in it lol. if he didnt trade blair then there would be no DRAMA! meaning it will be boring... its a show things like that are surposed to happen to keep you watching. they couldnt make chuck and blair to stay pefect together forever... plus i like it when they have a love hate realtionship it makes it much more interesting to watch. yeh season 3 wasent as good as 1 and 2 but i think the writers have good ideas and season 4 is gunna be the best!!! p.s thats rumour is stupid. but if it does happen oh well its a show with DRAMA. even though i wouldnt want chuck to do that it still give suspence which is what u want in a tv series otherwise it gets boring and no one wants that. and i doubt the writers would go that far. i cant wait for season 4. :)
gosssip girl is amazing!!!!
xxx Nicole.

Elise of the upper east side

@Charlotte Waldorf and @paula I agree. last season ruined his character! if he loved blair so much he'd never trade her for a dumb hotel to his uncle (eww!! there are SO many things wrong with that) or sleep with an underage girl blair hates like 5 min after getting back from the ESB. the writers are so so stupid. so as gross as this 'rumor' is, it SO could've happened last season. yuck. btw i just want to comment on the fact that in season 1 and 2, chuck did some awful things and was such a jerk sometimes but he still didn't cross some lines. you could tell he was a good person deep inside (remember when he punched jack after he tried to rape lily? he was a GOOD guy inside!! would he really give his girlfriend to that?! theres no way. it is just so ridicuous. the writers are IDIOTS.) and then they make him all boring, grampa, and good in season 3 and then bam, he's giving blair to his nasty uncle and sleeping with jenny humphrey. GROSS. the writers suck!! i hope they'll start this season with...'just kidding!! season 3 was a joke so we're picking up where season 2 left off!" haha


LOL, GG writers are insane and they love their stupid OMG moments. but this would be too much, even for them.
And PGGL, OMG, it's just a show. And Blair traded Chuck for a speech. yeah, what Chuck did was a lot worse but both things happened because they both think it's ok to manipulate each other to get the things they want. Not because of sexism. If you are gonna take the show so serious at least analyze it right

Charlotte waldorf

Oh well,this show has reached a point where I wouldn't be all surprised if this actually happen.


I didn't even hear this rumor. lol Oh well, good thing its not true.


That would be an interesting storyline, much better than the ''i woke up from a coma and dont remember anything'' bullsh¡th.

Jennmo13 gg 3

:( i that would be horrible!
chuck and blair forever!


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