Former Blair Minion to Challenge Gossip Girl Queen?

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The executive producer of Gossip Girl, Stephanie Savage, reveals that Blair will have a new rival this season ... and it may be someone she's familiar with.

Speaking to TV Guide, Savage explained that Blair will try to establish herself when she transfers to Columbia University, but that obstacles may await her.

"She makes a bid for Queen Bee and encounters a minion from the past," Savage explained. "As we know, Blair's quests for power are never simple."

"She encounters a new rival - someone who really is a force to be reckoned with." Hmm... gotta be Penelope (Amanda Setton), right? She's been seen on set ...

Any thoughts on who else it might be ... or how Blair will take them down?!

Still the Queen

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who even cares.


I hope it is Penelope, because nobody knows how Blair takes down her competition better than she do.


Whoever it is. blair has to win! she is my queen!


Don't care who it is just can't wait 4 Blair to take them DOWN!!!!!!!!!!


I so want it to be Nelly Yuki.


nelly yuki~


the first one is Penelope, but the new rival they mention is Juliet (Katie Kassidy)!


Love it! I kind of missing the Constance minions this season. How awesome would it be if it was Nelly Yuki? :D


Come on, you know its always fun to watch Blair take down people. I dont care if its the same old thing, its Blair being a b_tch, and thats who she is and why we love her!


Of course it is Penelope....duh!

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