Gossip Girl Caption Contest 115

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Welcome back, Upper East Siders, to the 115th Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

The Caption Contest winner this week is Leile. Congratulations and nice job!

The winning entry appears below the photo. Honorable mentions go to GoldenUnderpants, LeilaOnailan and rominette. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

Ed Westwick and Clemence Poesy

Eva: Je suis un poisson.
Chuck: They told me she was smarter than Serena.

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Chuck: I'm sorry that I bite you last night, but I'm not Damon Salvatore and you will not turn into a vampire.
Eva: Not?


EVA: Why are we waiting here again? CHUCK: Be patient..we have to wait untill hanna comes to the parking lot, then we run her over. u send them a text saying"she knew too much" eva: haha they would never know we are A :)


Eva: ... so?
Chuck: yeah
Eva: so you really like to wear braces?
Chuck: any problem with that?
Eva: no... not at all...


clemece: well this is awkward. ed: yeah, not every day you see a naked daniel radcliff.... clemce: well what happens in paris....


Clemece: Ed..
ED: Just forget it.. CLEMENCE: Well, you could ask leighton or chace.. ED: Just forget i told you about that justin bieber concert ok?? i have a rep to protect remmeber? "im chuck bass"


Eva: So, ever since Charlize Theron became the face of Dior I've been wanting to change my signature accent. Do you like it? Chuck: *leans in* Sounds a little like desperation.


Clemence: NO, TEAM EDWARD!!!
Ed: OMG, Jacob is the best for Bella, he doesn't constantly want to eat her!
Clemence: EW, but Jacob smells like wet dog!
Ed: Just because you got to meet Robert Pattinson when you were in Harry Potter doesn't mean Edward is better than Jacob!


Chuck: Handcuffs?
Eva: Nope
Chuck: cheating bastard/scorned woman?
Eva: Nope
Chuck: Limo sex?
Eva: Nope
Chuck: Hmmm, I have a lot to teach you...


Eva: O.k, you can wear purple on Wednesdays, Saturdays AND Sundays...but then on Fridays it's my turn. Chuck: Why can't I wear purple every day? Eva: Just because Chuck!


chuck: ew it smells
eva: sorry, i had to go really bad.

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