Gossip Girl Fashion: Which Character's is Best?

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One would think that the stars of the CW's Gossip Girl would never tire of being outfitted in the latest designer clothing. Still, the grass is always greener in someone else's closet.

One of the show's female stars, Jessica Szohr, recently confessed that she can dig Vanessa's style, but remains envious of a co-star ... and you may be surprised which one.

Szohr recently said of her younger, brasher co-star, "I personally think Jenny has the best wardrobe on the show - it's kind of grungy, but girly, without being too put together."

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Jessica, who recently spoke with TV Fanatic in an exclusive interview, continued her style analysis: "Blair is too structured and perfect, Serena is always glammed up."

"Vanessa's way too much with every color and pattern. It sounds like I'm being negative about them all, but I'm really not - I think they all look great. I'm just saying that if I was going to go shopping for me, I'd head straight into Jenny's closet."

What do you think? Do you agree with Jessica's take? Which Gossip Girl character do you think has the best style? Vote in our survey below!

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offcourse serena ..she's a true diva!! blair overdoes it ... serena rocks! xoxo gossip girls ;)


blair for me too, i dont like serene's fashion in season 3 and i think vanesa's come from jungle from season 1 and 2 but she's better now(still can't win)


whatta loser quiz. we all know the answer to that! BLAIRRRR. whoever voted for vanessa...i feel sorry for you.


as much as I love Blair I would have to say that she isn't my favorite. the only reason she looks good is because Leighton is stunning and can pull of anything. Vanessa is my second least favorite character (right after jenny) but I reckon her clothes are really cool. I like her stuff in season three.


@satelliteheartx well sorta cause I don't like fashion but one of my friends is crazy about it he even wrote a poem about it in class.... Also I don't do all the wrist movement things some of my friends do and when I came out everyone thought I was joking and some still do .... Which is very annoying sometimes :/


*both not the both sorry!


Such a popularity contest! of course Blair's going to win, she'd wear a potato sack and lots of people would still worship her. To me, Blair has the worst style this season. Vanessa in season 1 and season 2 I don't know. Jenny is closer to my look, but Serena has variety, so, the both win.


Vanessa ha le gambe storte quindi gli skinny non le donano e le gonne corte le fanno risaltare il difetto... Non mi piacciono le sue gambe.


I'm a guy, gay but the guy type, And What? The guy type? I didn't realize there were certain types of gays.


Uhm Blair! Without a doubt.
Serena would probably come in a close second for me since I kind of like her style, except maybe I'd go a little less showy. I don't like having my boobs pop out of everything i wear.

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