Gossip Girl Fashion: Which Character's is Best?

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One would think that the stars of the CW's Gossip Girl would never tire of being outfitted in the latest designer clothing. Still, the grass is always greener in someone else's closet.

One of the show's female stars, Jessica Szohr, recently confessed that she can dig Vanessa's style, but remains envious of a co-star ... and you may be surprised which one.

Szohr recently said of her younger, brasher co-star, "I personally think Jenny has the best wardrobe on the show - it's kind of grungy, but girly, without being too put together."

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Jessica, who recently spoke with TV Fanatic in an exclusive interview, continued her style analysis: "Blair is too structured and perfect, Serena is always glammed up."

"Vanessa's way too much with every color and pattern. It sounds like I'm being negative about them all, but I'm really not - I think they all look great. I'm just saying that if I was going to go shopping for me, I'd head straight into Jenny's closet."

What do you think? Do you agree with Jessica's take? Which Gossip Girl character do you think has the best style? Vote in our survey below!

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TOTALLY agree, B. This is a total popularity contest. SERENA WINNNS. And Jenny in season 3. Blair's style is very unimpressive now. Boring and old lady esque.


DUH if i have ton of money of course i will buy structured,perfect clothes just like blair.


i think i like Jenny's style. Not her person ok. just her style. the other girls dress like so flowery and feminine and high fashion haute couture which i personally don't like. i like more casual, easily accessible pieces, like wear that blouse, choose a cute jacket, skinny jeans, boots and go. Blair serena and the gang have perfectly planned out outfits, the shoes are made to compliment that bright statement colour or floral print or crazy detail. too high maintenance for my liking.


Does someone actually voted for Vanessa ? LOL
She doesnt deserve to be on that list.


This is more like popularity contest... all over again.


Btw I said Jenny not Taylor Momsen! Just to make that clear!


I'm a guy, gay but the guy type, so I don't really go for the whole fashionista thing but I have to say that yea from the middle of season 2, the rise of the racoon make up (I liked the jacket she ran away with most of all), to the end of season 3 Jenny is my female other. If I was a girl shopping for clothes Jennys style would be what I would looks for so when it comes to clothes I would choose Jenny.


I love Lily's style. Want to see more of her :)


why is Georgina not an option?
I would've picked her!!!
among the four though, I pick Blair!


Although Blair is my favorite character, I can not say she has the best style. I don't like a lot of her outfits, some are cute but not all. I think Serena has the best style and even Vanessa has cute outfits but I definitely don't like Jenny's.

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