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With all the Gossip Girl previews and spoilers floating around this off-season, we've heard next to nothing about Rufus and Lily. What's the latest on this Upper East Side couple?

According to EW, "a rat Bass-tard is going to come between them." We're not talking about coming between them in romantic sense, nor are we talking about that sketchy Jack.


While Lily is more than willing to forgive Chuck for what happened with Jenny, Rufus finds it more difficult to move past it ... and that's before another bombshell gets dropped.

Just when he finally starts to come around, Eric lets him in on a little secret regarding Jenny and Chuck - and let's just say it pertains to an ugly incident from the pilot episode.

It's going to be bad.

As for Rufus' other offspring, the resurfacing of Dan's feelings for Serena in last season's finale threw many fans for a loop. Where does this leave his relationship with Vanessa?

Just fine, apparently. They move in together in the third episode this season!

Jessica Szohr hinted at the complicated nature of their relationship in our exclusive interview with her recently, but moving in together? That's not a wrinkle we saw coming.

Pretty crazy, right? That can't work out, can it? How do you think it pertains to Dan's baby mama drama with Georgina? Share your thoughts on these developments below.

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Jenny pregant= Me stop watchin GG!


@GG=life: thank you!!!!! real talk!!!
I would beat him TO DEATH if it was my baby girl!!!
Crazy people, why are u taking Chuck's side??!! R u out of ur mind??!!!


I can't wait, I hope Rufus doesn't forgive Chuck not for a while anyway I can understand Lily forgiving Chuck as it's her stepson but not Rufus and I hope Jenny doesn't come back pregnant.


WTF!!!! What is wrong with you people if I found out that my daughter was almost raped by some guy I would have probably had KILLED him! Well since it was almost rape I would just beat the shit out of him really badly! I mean come on if it was your child wouldn't u do something like that? Just cause u all love Chuck doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants and have no consiquences! And damn I wanted Serena and Dan back together! :(


jenny is no bloody saint. anyways I hope Serena choose Nate.


can't stand the humphreys....rufus is alright.


Serena and Dan are dead
Rufus and Lily 4 ever
Dan and Vanessa are dead
Vanessa needs to stay in Haiti Straight up.


i hate all the Brooklynites!! kill them ALL!!


My god! I LOATHE Rufus and always did!! kill him already!! Lily deserves better than this judgemental washed up so called rockstar! GRRR!!


Rufus finds it more difficult to move past it ... and that's before another bombshell gets dropped." i think that is more that rufus and the another people will experiences that chuck almost raped jenny in the pilot!

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