Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

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Here's a Gossip Girl spoiler that fans are likely to go absolutely bonkers over (just a hunch). Let's just cut right to the chase here: There will be sex. It will involve Chair.

According to E! Online, relations, "of the bom-chicka-bow-wow kind," will take place between Chuck and Blair in the upcoming fourth season, which begins September 13.

Gulp. Excited yet?!

Last Tango, Then Paris Photo

It's only a matter of time until the feelings come out ... and the clothes come off!

As for whether they will actually get back together, well ... that we cannot say. Partly because we aren't sure, and partly because the CW would kill us if we did say.

As for the return of the Upper East Siders in general, Penn Badgley sums it up best.

"There's a baby on the way, which I think everybody already knows anyway. We're in Paris for a bit. There's a gunshot wound and there's another marriage," he says. "I think. It's hard to keep track of the weddings, because they're all broken up anyway!"

So, business as usual then in New York City? Indeed. "It's the same kind of sensational stuff you've come to expect, and the change of locale makes it even more gorgeous. More of the typical stuff but in an even more heightened capacity," Penn promises.

A gunshot wound we've seen, but another marriage? What do you make of that and the Chair sex spoiler? Weigh in with your comments and predictions!

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Chuck. Blair. Boring.


Dair > Chair.
Dan > Chuck It's just a fact people...


i love chuck and blair.
that is all.


i think we must stop fighting opinion or argument, just less than 2 week before the premiere released,so watch n hope the spoiler/rumour as good as the movie..so the fan can be happy LOL..


Get chair back together now! So the fan can shut up lol. Jenny Serena Dan Georgina Nate ftw!


I heard, Chuck will declare war with Blair in the fourth episode, and after this Blair will cry at Serena's. So their happy reunion and marriage shouldn't be any time soon.
As for the wedding, I doubt it will be Chair's. Must be somebody else. Dan and Georgina? Um. Dan and Vanessa? Could make sense since Vanessa is moving in with the Humphreys, but what about Serena? Hard to tell...


i really do hope chair will get back together and go somewhere do die together, they are becoming waaaaaaaaaaaay too irritating and too pushed into being "something extraordinary" when what they really are is a piece of boredom. more jenny, georgina and dan pleaase


@Hayley Von Lynette Don't you talk to chair like that!!!
They are my religion. Serenate are boring
Serena doesn't trust Nate!


Ugh, who cares?
This is getting old.
Serena and Nate FWT!


i've been thinking that they should do a whole friends with benefits thing w/ chair and maybe thats what this is! except it would be nice to have at least two eps of them just doing the whole friends with benefits thng AND THEN they'll have the reprecussions, that way us chair fans are happy! at least, that is, if it is a friends with benefits thing. it could be other things like: them trying to get back together (highly doubt it this close to the beginning of the season) or its just a drunken night together...

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