Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

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Here's a Gossip Girl spoiler that fans are likely to go absolutely bonkers over (just a hunch). Let's just cut right to the chase here: There will be sex. It will involve Chair.

According to E! Online, relations, "of the bom-chicka-bow-wow kind," will take place between Chuck and Blair in the upcoming fourth season, which begins September 13.

Gulp. Excited yet?!

Last Tango, Then Paris Photo

It's only a matter of time until the feelings come out ... and the clothes come off!

As for whether they will actually get back together, well ... that we cannot say. Partly because we aren't sure, and partly because the CW would kill us if we did say.

As for the return of the Upper East Siders in general, Penn Badgley sums it up best.

"There's a baby on the way, which I think everybody already knows anyway. We're in Paris for a bit. There's a gunshot wound and there's another marriage," he says. "I think. It's hard to keep track of the weddings, because they're all broken up anyway!"

So, business as usual then in New York City? Indeed. "It's the same kind of sensational stuff you've come to expect, and the change of locale makes it even more gorgeous. More of the typical stuff but in an even more heightened capacity," Penn promises.

A gunshot wound we've seen, but another marriage? What do you make of that and the Chair sex spoiler? Weigh in with your comments and predictions!

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YAY for Chuck and Blair, they better have some hot dirty sex. And ewww about Dan/Blair. I prefer to see Blair with a waiter. Dan is annoying, he couldnt handle Blair. He belongs with Vanessa, she sucks, just like him.


Yayyy!!! Chuck and Blair sex!!!!!,
I want my Chair back together!!!! They belong together not anyone else!!!


Why don't you negative people want to accept that this show is nothing without Chair??? Ä°f you don't like their journey then JUST GTFO and don't watch it but most people love them and want them.This is just a TV show,get it, Blair is not your best friend or smt.stop comparing Blair with a RL person.its a show anything can happen to a character.Do you think another perfect boyfriend won't do anything bad to Blair????She herself isn't even a good girl.Dan doesn't deserve a girl like Blair he is too much lame and worthless for her.Dan even broke Serena's heart all the time while dating how do you think he will handle Blair kind of mean and bitchy girl.
Chair sex is the most passionate and intense moments of the show.GG and the fans need it.


The wedding won't be Chuck and Blair's--we aren't that far along in their story, yet :) Chuck/Eva--maybe.
Serena/new older man--maybe. (that's doomed at the start, though, IF it happens)
Dan/Georgina--no. Um, no.


@chuckandblair That's my opinion. So stop talking down on people you just have to accept that not everyone is a chair fan. I was once a fan chair.
Sorry hunny but Blair needs a new guy


this is all i can say for this article.. YUM!!! haha, but seriously, i'm so excited! can't wait for the premiere, only 2 weeks more!


if that(CHAIR SEX) really happen that's really great!! LOL!
i hope this season will be amazing and a lot of surprise like season 1,acctually season 3 is little bit bored,there no surprised about CHAIR. Please if that scene would be realized,i just wanted ed play that scene without shirt that so absurd if leightoon is so sexy with lingerie (like season 2)but ed still with his complete clothes hahaha..


This show needs something fresh!
DAIR anyone? :p


every time i see this photo...my skin crawls with revulsion!!!
every reminder that Chuck kissed Blair after fcuking his step sister makes me want to bathe Blair with sanitizer. so yeah, I DO NOT want CHAIR back together. Chuck needs suffer, repent then be cleansed of his sins first before they can be JUST plotting partners again. (which I DOUBT WILL HAPPEN)


I really still do want them to come back together...
Maybe I'm one of the only ones out here who does so, but hey,
I know the writers got their storylines pretty much fucked up, but they're still Chuck & Blair, Blair & Chuck! And YES, Season 3 was pretty much boring in this point of view, so I'll definitely keep watching! Chair ftw! But I don't have any clue on who's getting married.... xoxo

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