Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 222

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Welcome back to the 222nd Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!

This week's Caption Contest winner is NoraLovesGreys96.

Congratulations and well done! The winning entry appears beneath the picture. Honorable mentions go out this week to David O, Dorothy, uklass, and April_J.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next week!

Around Thatcher

Richard: You're breaking up with me?
Bailey: You've been cheating on me?!
Lexie & Merideth: Oh My God...

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LMBO Mimi! Good one!


Webber: Thatcher, you have Seattle Grace Itetuss. It's caused by being related to a doctor in this hospital and the need to introduce a legitimate storyline for doctors families to turn up in the hospital. Sadly, as you know, it can be incurable.


alex : This is absolute crap why the hell is denny back, he die's in season 2 is revived in season 5 dies again and now he's staring at me asking for a freaking kidney. what do i have to do to get rid of him


miranda: i'm sorry sur your penus is broken
richard, mer, alex: lexie....
lexie: I swear i didn't broke HIS penus. i pay attention now!!!


Thatcher: Lexie do you think you could have a sticker wedding like Meredith? Meredith: It was a blue post it note given to me by Cristina. Not everyone wants to look like one of those idiots on top of a wedding cake!


Lexi:Omg dad i can't belive some A person did this to you.
Baliey:I will pray that A will not get any one else.
Alex:I wish some A would text me I kill him or her,
Richard:I wonder who this A is?
Mer:Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit I hope they wont find out I'm A.


I like Ella Simms comment about Meredith looking like Hawthorne!!


Chief: What would you do with an extra inch Thatcher?


Mer:I will stand back here and look like Christina Hawthorne.


Thatcher: What's wrong? Lexie: Dad, you've got a piece of spinach on your teeth

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