Grey's Anatomy to Give Closure to Alex-Izzie Love Story

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Among the many surprising developments in the sixth season finale of Grey’s Anatomy this May was Alex calling the name of Izzie, not Lexie, while battling for his life.

The message was clear. Despite controversial Emmy winner Katherine Heigl’s exit last spring, her character’s arc - and her marriage to Alex - is still far from over.

Will we find a resolution this year?

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes says that while Alex still mourns her, finding closure for him is one of her top priorities as she heads into Season Seven.

Izz and Al

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“We’re talking about it [in the writers' room] obsessively and trying to figure it out,” Shonda says. “We’re going to approach it pretty carefully. I want however we deal with Alex growing up and moving on and moving past that relationship to feel authentic.”

“Not to feel like something that’s patched together.”

That's a tall order, considering the haphazard way in which Izzie was on death's door, survived, left, returned and bolted again in under a year. But Shonda is optimistic.

One thing she says is that the story line will not take “the expected form.” Hmm ... What could be more unexpected than a reappearance by Katherine Heigl herself?

Despite her obvious misgivings about the show, she's on record saying she'd “love to come back” at some point. Of that possibility, Rhimes says only “I don’t know.”

Can Grey’s Anatomy really wrap up the Alex/Izzie romance without Heigl? Do you even care at this point? Discuss below with your opinions and hopes.

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plz bring izzie and alex bck tgether


please bring Izzie back for better closure.... for the fans and Alex and also for the sake of the show!!!


I that Izzie and Alex should have a comeback for there relationship. They should work their problems out and marry again. This time less big but maybe with mer and der in the city hall? Also they should make a baby and live happily ever afeter. If shonda don't make them having a happy End I will stop watching Greys Anatomy!Cuz she alread killed Georges Character which was nasty. So I hope at least this time she does the right thing!


I just started watching Greys and I love Alex and Izzie. I hope that they get back together and live happily ever after. They are great together. So I am hoping for a happy Alex and Izzie ending,or will stop watching GREYS.


For those of you saying that they should kill Izzie off: That's completely against what the whole season 7 was about. If Shonda brought her back just to kill her off there would be no point. I'm thinking a good way to do it would be for her to come back near the end of season 8, where the constant love triangle between Lexie-Mark-Alex is going on, and just as Lexie is about to choose Alex, BAM. Izzie comes back. I don't know, maybe it's crazy and a bit season 1 DerMer and Addison, but I for one would love to see Izzie come back, because her sending the divorce papers and not doing it in person was completely against her character. If she's not going to be on the show, then at least write her off a bit better than divorce papers and give us fans some real closure!
See you in September! :)


@ Liv Addex was fun but Face it! Izzex has the best Chemistry... The only couple in Grey's that has the chemistry to match that of MerDer (being the only 2 couples that are there since season 1). and I don't see Addison getting involved with Alex, If any character which had any chance of getting back with Addy, was McSteamy.. but as we saw back in S6, Not happening! :(


@Liv. It would be funt to see Alex on Private Practice. But I think he belongs on SGH:) I would miss him and his comments on Grey's. But I agree, Sam and Addie = Bad!


@Beth, Okay, I'll look into it:) Haha, I agree, they did sleep with too many men, but they where funny:) I think it's fun to watch shows from diffrent countries. And see if you can erase some of the myths about the country. (Like, the biggest myth about sweden is that we have Polar Bears walking around on the streets, haha. Sure, it's cold, but not THAT cold:) I hope it's Calzona that will get married. But I still think it's Crowen that will get married and that Calzona that will get engaged (or move in together) 25 days too go!


it looks like im the only one that feels this way, but back in season 3 i was a huge addex fan (remember the addison/alex fling?). with izzie out of the picture (i doubt heigl will return) i think its high time to rekindle addison and alex. sam and addison is bad, as is alex and lexie. he's ready for a mature relationship, or just getting away. sending him to private practice would be an absolutely fantastic move, that would ensure closure as well as give us addex fans a chance at what we've waited for for so long. just my thoughts :)


I'm reading the coolest book called "A Fierce Radiance" that has the most amazing descriptions of New York City in the 1940s. You may like it. By Lauren Belfer. There is medicine and photography also involved & I LOVE both of those topics. I haven't watched One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl, so I'll try to catch them in reruns. Sex and the City really featured NYC beautifully. Even if they drank cosmos and slept with too many men :)
To stay on topic -- I still think it will be Callie and Arizona who marry. :)

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