Hallow Stonebrook to Be Introduced on Season Four of True Blood

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There are three episodes remaining on this season of True Blood.

But creator Alan Ball has already revealed a major season four spoiler, saying in an interview a few weeks ago that witches would play a prominent role next summer on his HBO hit.

Now, Ball has gotten even more specific, admitting to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that Hallow Stonebrook - a "were-sorceress" from Charlaine Harris’ fourth Sookie Stackhouse novel - will be introduced in 2011.

Hallow Stonebrook Book

Ball refers to this character as "a medium. She communicates with the dead, and she’s interested in developing further powers.”

In the book, Stonebrook casts a spell on Eric and is described as a tall, trim and brunette. Based on that information, sound off below and/or in our True Blood forum:

Who should play this key season four role?

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Wendy Rule should be Hallow! She is actually a witch and songwriter from Australia. Not only would she be perfect for the part; so would her music!


i think KRISTEN WIIG should play HALLOW STONEBROOK..she's tall, trim, and brunette! plus she's a great actress!! :D


Béatrice Dalle! Shes weird looking plus already played a role of a witch in the movie "À l'intérieur" or "Inside"




Megan fox!


I agree that Fairuza Balk would be amazing. I love her. My prediction would be between Fairuza Balk and Femke Janssen to play Hallow.


I think Trieste Dunn would make a good Hallow... actually I'm just excited about all the inevitable Eric action!! :)


Fairuza Balk. Enough said.


She is not a natural blond but she played several witches role, Alyssa Milano or Sabrina the teenage Witch.... ERic needs to come back...sexy!!!!


Anyone think Yvette could end Hallow. Just a thought

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