Hallow Stonebrook to Be Introduced on Season Four of True Blood

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There are three episodes remaining on this season of True Blood.

But creator Alan Ball has already revealed a major season four spoiler, saying in an interview a few weeks ago that witches would play a prominent role next summer on his HBO hit.

Now, Ball has gotten even more specific, admitting to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that Hallow Stonebrook - a "were-sorceress" from Charlaine Harris’ fourth Sookie Stackhouse novel - will be introduced in 2011.

Hallow Stonebrook Book

Ball refers to this character as "a medium. She communicates with the dead, and she’s interested in developing further powers.”

In the book, Stonebrook casts a spell on Eric and is described as a tall, trim and brunette. Based on that information, sound off below and/or in our True Blood forum:

Who should play this key season four role?

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For some reason I can't picture Juliette Lewis as a beautiful witch, last picture I saw of her she had corn rolls in her hair and was at an awards ceremony with Brad Pit....needless to say, imo, she was nasty looking. Then again, it's been a very long time since I've seen her I can't remember the girls name that played Punky Brewster, but I saw her on a show recently and think she could be an attractive young witch.
Hasn't anyone else questioned why they didn't include "Bubba", the vampire that's suppose to be Elvis Presley, in these recent shows? Eric had sent him to keep an eye out on Sookie while Bill was missing.


What does it matter? With the exception of Eric, pretty much no character has been cast as they were described in the book. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's really not.


OMFG SO EXCITED! They better have him all naked every episode and sexing it up with Sookie. I totally agree about Juilette Lewis as well! She would be perfect and I would love to see her on my T.V.


THe Holly they have now is a dog--in the books she is cute and ends up with Hoyt eventually-I sure cannot see him getting together with the one they have now...Ick. I cannot see Juliette Lewis in that role of Marnie STonebrook aka Hallow only due to her age, but she could do the part but I could see one of the newer 20 something actresses as her. I always wondered why the guys are always so much better looking than the actual actresses. In the books they are described as so pretty, well endowed, etc...but the gals are so inferior lookswise compared to the guys that I really cannot believe some of them would want to date em--cutest ones are Sookie, Arlene, Jessica and Pam and Hadley is a doll!! But the other ones....don't cut it as I see it pictured in the books...kinda disappointed with that...The casting folks need to try to find some better looking gals but DEFINITELY NOT----Paris Hilton...UGH and when Amelia comes around she is a cutie too per the books.


Juliette Lewis would be PERFECT for the role of Hallow! I CANNOT wait for season four just because of the whole witches element. With the introduction of Holly, isn't she also a witch??


I agree with San. Juilette Lewis would be perfect.


Juiette Lewis is a perfect choice for Hallow!!


Yes, if Hallow casts a spell on Eric like she does in the book, will he follow his "hearts" desire and go to Sookie? Loved the book when they got together.

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