Meredith to Become the Caretaker on Grey's Anatomy

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Meredith Grey, caretaker? Hard as that would have been to picture just a few years ago, that's what it looks like we can expect come September 23 at Seattle Grace.

The woman who puts the Grey in Grey's Anatomy is going to have "some frustrating episodes" when the ABC medical drama returns, Ellen Pompeo tells TV Guide.

After the devastating Season 6 finale, which saw Meredith's husband shot and near death, it's going to take a while for every doctor to get back on his or her feet.

None more so than Meredith, at least in the opinion of trauma counselor Andrew Perkins (James Tupper), who must clear each doctor before their return to the OR.

Meredith is definitely not at the top of that list. Why?

"Meredith does get cleared eventually, but not right away; not without some frustrating episodes," Pompeo says. "She's got to pull out all the stops to try to get cleared."

M to the G

Meredith's new role will be interesting to watch. [Photo: ABC]

"The role that they have given Meredith is to take care of everybody and to try to make sure that everybody else is OK," the actress continues. "She's the role of the caretaker, which, I guess, is her way of not dealing with her own thing."

The original Grey will struggle with her fellow doctors being cleared, especially since she knows a certain few that she thinks shouldn't be holding a scalpel for a while.

Will this cause her to lose her cool?

"I haven't seen that yet," says Pompeo of the first four episodes. "I don't see a snap in Meredith. I think she's handling this a little bit better than the other people who are more on the verge. Lexie and Cristina really, really need more critical attention."

April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams), who move in with Meredith this season, will also get a pass back into surgery, a move Mer is not necessarily keen on.

"[Perkins] comes in and he's just clearing people and he doesn't really know them," she says. "Meredith feels like she knows them, and she really knows that they're not okay. She can see because she lives and breathes with them every day."

"He's coming in and clearing everybody because he thinks they're fine, and he doesn't think Meredith's fine. She's the one taking care of everybody!"

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its like jackson and april are trying to become the new izzy and george which is just no.
And where are lexie and Alex going to live? Okay maybe if Lexie gets back with mcsteamy then she'll go live with him again but where will Alex go.
this plot just has far to many flaws in it!


I'd live to see more of Tatcher this season. More bonding between him and Meredith. And I'd also want too see Molly again!


Is Lexie moving out? What about Alex? Meredith doesnt have room for a full house? Apparently Lexie is going to have PTSD, so maybe she moves back in with her father. I can kind of see why April might move in. Is Reid was her best friend maybe they were living together? and she doesnt have any other friends in Seattle since PErcy died also? But Jackson moving in makes no sense.... And is Alex moving out? Where's he gonna go.


@Jude. Apperently not. I guess Shonda though it would be but not have the power to choose what's going to on. The Webisodes for example, I think they could've skipped them and added a few more minutes of bloopers and more behind the scenes stuff. And then I wonder, where are these 18 minutes of extra scenes of the finale that Shonda promised us? And Shonda said that it would be at least one Calzona scene, and one when Sara Sings. So I'm looking forward to see that!


I was reading the DVD info.
Are there any extended episodes besides the shooting aftermath?
I am a bit disappointed that all those online fillers with MAGIC's ex interns made it onto the dvd. It seems odd that we barely saw these characters in GA but they get a spot on the dvd.


Mer needed house mates S1 so she could keep her house.
It's just too odd to feel Mer is under any obligation to bring Kepner and Avery to her house too, unless it suits the writers of GA. I just hope MerDer move out to the house in the woods very, very soon.


you are sooo very welcome team merder13:)


thankyou soooooooo much lina


You have to tell her – Good Mourning
Will you fix George’s face? – Good Morning
Take off your shirt – Good Mourning
Ceviche – Good Morning
Are you having sex? – Good Mourning
Come back to bed – Goodbye
It’s a very big deal – Goodbye
I’m not going to die in your arms – Goodbye
I’m proud – Invasion
I don’t get her – Invasion
We’re talking about a diaper – Give Peace A Chance
She’s back – Give Peace A Chance
I got fired – New History
You’re going to be a grandpa? – Holidaze
You said you were leaving – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked
Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Highlights – Valentine’s Day Massacre
How happy I am – Valentine’s Day Massacre
You’re hitting on me? – Valentine’s Day Massacre AND ?BONUS (Run Time: 18m 53s)
00:12:37:20 Chandra Wilson – Anatomy Of A Talent
00:02:05:13 Untitled (Bloopers)
00:00:35:12 Slap Jack – How Insensitive (Deleted & Extended Scenes)
00:00:24:06 Derek Needs You – How Insensitive (Deleted & Extended Scenes)
00:01:39:11 Nervous Callie – The Time Warp (Deleted & Extended Scenes)
00:01:30:04 Sad State Of Affairs – The Time Warp (Deleted & Extended Scenes) AND ?SEATTLE GRACE: ON CALL (WEBISODES) – Run Time 31m 20s
00:04:46:18 Seattle Grace: On Call – Part 1 (DVD Extra – Webisode)
00:04:47:00 Seattle Grace: On Call – Part 2 (DVD Extra – Webisode)
00:04:29:13 Seattle Grace: On Call – Part 3 (DVD Extra – Webisode)
00:04:48:01 Seattle Grace: On Call – Part 4 (DVD Extra – Webisode)
00:04:19:19 Seattle Grace: On Call – Part 5 (DVD Extra – Webisode)
00:05:46:21 Seattle Grace: On Call – Part 6 (DVD Extra – Webisode)
00:02:22:13 Seattle Grace: On Call – Behind The Scenes (DVD Extra) Too bad it's only 2min of bloopers! I love the Gag reel... And hopefully we'll get more then one Calzona scene in these extras + Jessica and Sara commenting an epi:)


heyyy lina do you think that you could release the link for the extras please thanks

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