More Gossip Girl Promos: Humphrey is a Donut

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Nate or Dan. Manhattan or Brooklyn. Napoleons or eclairs.

It's a difficult decision, or "Sophie's choice" our fair Serena must make on Gossip Girl ... or so she thinks. In a new CW promo for the upcoming fourth season, which premieres September 13, Blair helpfully notes that the analogy doesn't work, because Humphrey is a donut ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Season 4 Preview: OMD Donut"] [/video]

For all promos and trailers to date, check out our Gossip Girl videos page. Then follow the jump for three more Parisian-themed promos for the new season, all of which, like this one, contain a mini-trailer for Nikita immediately afterward ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Season 4 Preview: Paris is Complicated"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Season 4 Preview: Real-Life Prince"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Season 4 Preview: Riding the Vespa"] [/video]

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I'd rather she choose Dan over Nate! I don't want her to choose Nate!


You Know what?, it would be very funny if after of that "Brooklyn Jokes" Dan and Blair Hook up in the future


Of course Humphrey is a donut,he can't be eclair.He is as lame as a donut.Thats the way how Blair shows her irritation for Dan.I love her.Dan is a looser and Brooklyner not UES er.He is better with Vanessa they fit better than Dane and Serena.Serena has to be with Nate.They deserve each other.
And for GG s sake its better Chuck and Blair be together happly ever after asap.They have to be.I can only be sure that Chair is endgame but I don't know about the others because I think writers are only sure about Chair endgame but they haven't decided yet about the others.


I hate dan humphrey. him and serena are not to be. he's so judegmental, it hasn't worked out how many times now. ughh go back to brooklyn bad.


well, i like donuts.. but i'd choose eclairs over donuts any day! lol


First of all the only couple I really ship is Chair, but this situation needs to stop!! S won´t choose Dan! and even if she does, things are gonna end as they ended up the past mmm.. what? four, five times? Dan and Serena are not meant to be together and if you think about it a little bit, you´ll see that for Dan it´s always been V, she´s her first love after all. I also think that now, Nate loves Serena more than she loves him, cuz she is so inmature and unable to be in a comited relationship but when she realize that it is time to grow up, then, I think she should and she will be with Nate, and this needs to be soon because she´s not only fooling two guys whom don´t deserve to be treated like that, she´s also fooling herself.


Does anyone know the song in the new promos? Not the french version of these boots are made for walking in the first preview, but the new shortene ones have a different song...anyone know the name?


Stop whatever you're doing, we need to shop!!!


I wish we could see Georgina and Katie Cassidy promos!


and what the hell? never knew she could draw? lol

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