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Lauren Froderman is our pick to win So You Think You Can Dance.

No offense to the three guys left standing, or to the millions of Kent Boyd fans who may bombard us with hate mail, but we've said it from the very beginning.

It was no surprise, and there was no shortage of adulation, when Lauren earned a spot in the SYTYCD finals last night. She'll be in the top three next week!

All summer, she's shown she's got both the skill and personality to compete with Kent, who was obviously advancing to the finals as well. That left one spot.

Robert Roldan or AdéChiké Torbert. Who would it be? Going into the night, and based on the previous night's performances, we could see it going either way.

Read on to see who will join Lauren and Kent ...

It's Robert!

Called "the prince of this season" by Mia, even though he didn't always connect with the voters, especially early on, Roldan earned a spot in the final three.

Adechike, who had never been in the bottom three all season, but earned his fair share of criticism from the judges nonetheless, was sent home in fourth.

There you have it.


Adechike has danced his last. He had a great run!

Criticized once again for being stiff and not fully connecting with his routines, it seems like Adechike doesn't get the credit he deserves when he comes through.

This isn't to say he's perfect or that the critiques are unwarranted. But the guy brought a certain magic to the floor each and every week, and seems unheralded.

Oh well. Who do you like, Kent, Lauren or Robert? Can Robert possibly hang with those two? Can either possibly dethrone the coronation of Kent, for that matter?

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Kent should win!! His moves are much more precise than Robert and Lauren. I don't think he has made one mistake. Even though they were minor, both Robert and Lauren have. I like them all, but my choice is definitely Kent. His personality is a breath of fresh air GO KENT!!!


I agree...Lauren is the best of the three, especially in the growth area. She has handled all the dance styles VERY well. Kent is very good too, but to me he seems distracted by all the attention he is getting, often to the annoyance of the judges as he basically is not listening to them...he is focused on the love the audience is giving him. Robert is also deserving but I just feel that until the last week or so, he hasn't shown or been into the dance he is given. Bottom line...Lauren is crowned America's Favorite Dancer for this season!


Lauren is the most deserved IMHO. She has been amazing throughout this whole season. Kent is good but he is definitely getting the young girl love, and Robert is a very good dancer but Lauren has the whole package.

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