True Blood Preview: "I Smell a Rat"

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Who do you trust... when everyone wants your blood?

So asks the True Blood trailer below, which previews the 8/22/10 installment of the HBO smash.

Titled "I Smell a Rat," it looks like the episode picks up on last night's action - reviewed HERE - as Eric and Bill discuss whatever the heck Sookie is; Arlene deals with her pregnancy; and Russell, of course, continues to seek revenge.

Watch now, and then discuss in our True Blood forum:

[video url="" title="I Smell A Rat Promo"] [/video]

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I like that they only do 12 episodes. It does get annoying when I want more and have to wait forever for a new season, but most seasons with 18+ episodes usually suck. This started off slow and ended up picking up pretty fast. The only problem is waiting forever for the new season to start up! I can't wait that long. At least I can fill up my times with other shows to distract me haha


I hate the fact that they only do 12 episodes..I think if that is the case they need to make at least 2 of the episodes 2 hours--the finale and the season premier. This seasons was kinda a mixture of several books not just 3. Not only is there 10 books out (I have read all of them) but she has a contract for 3 more...I actually prefer the books when it comes to Eric and Sookie's relationship because I think Bill is a traiter to her for all the love he claims to have. Eric may not tell all the truth at the time but he does tell it most of the time....They need to make the series either 24 episodes all in a row or do like Stargate SG-1 did---13 episodes that usually started in october or november and then another 13 episodes that started in June or July---that way there wasn't so much anticipation and the series lasted forever because they did it that way...I have the same problem with the SOns of Anarchy--it starts in Sept and ends 13 weeks later and then you have to wait another year...I hate that.


So it means we're going to wait again for next year for the season 4. Why does season 3 only has 12 episodes?


Of the season. It was renewed for a fourth and the series still has like 6-8 books to be made into a series. ^.^


Is season 3 gonna be over? coz it says in the preview "The Final Three Episodes"


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