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I like her character on gossip girl but I feel I would have liked her more if she wad like her character in the book, they've really changed her!! If u read the book you would understand what I mean!


I find her easy to relate to because she did work to be where she is like Dan. As for her dresses, i see girls dirt poor wear something similar to what she wears because they save their damn money up to buy nice shit and don't spend it dumb shit.


I kinda wish Gossip Guy had done the interview and told her exactly what he thinks of Vanessa. Much maligned? She deserves it, cause the character sucks!


How is her character relatable? She works a 'normal' job and somehow manages to get amazing dresses and get into amazing society gatherings and Im somehow supposed to relate? Wasn't she a correspondent for cnn? How is that a 'normal' job. I JUST DONT GET IT. :)


Cher, I couldn't have said it better or couldn't agree with you more!


It amazes me how much i DON"T care about the character of Vanessa. I don't hate her but i just think that her character is not needed in Gossip Girl and that's not because she's poor but because she's ANNOYING.

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