Blake Lively Featured in Marie Claire UK

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Blake Lively of Gossip Girl is featured in the new, UK issue of Marie Claire. In an interview, she talks about her love of fashion and specifically her relationship with Vogue chief editor Anna Wintour (as well as a little bit about co-star and BF Penn Badgley).

Here are the beautiful shots from the Gossip Girl goddess' photo spread ...

Marie Claire UK Cover
Marie Claire UK Cover #2
GG Goddess
Blake the Beautiful
Blake with Penny
A Blake L. Image
The Lovely L.
Marie Clarie Cutie

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Some people say Leighton is better, prettier, blah blah blah. But if that is true, why does blake get all the nice roles? She get to be in magazine covers? THINK ABOUT THAT. HIHIHIHIHI, Blake is so beautiful!


she looks pretty as always:)


I'm not a fan of the interview.


Blake looks lovely!!!!!!!!!!! @MaryGaga so the friends with benefit thing still continuing between Ed and Jessica eh? I hope Ed will find himself a proper good gf soon! Too bad I dont think he knows that many actress from Hollywood yet except those from GG which makes him keep coming back to Jessica...I guess for him she's better than nothing!


Perfect girl is perfect ,i hate her :(


gosh she's so pretty


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