Does Chuck Have Amnesia on Gossip Girl?

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The promos and photos for the first two episodes of Gossip Girl - see our galleries of "Belles Du Jour" and "Double Identity" - have sparked rumors that Chuck has amnesia.

Is there any truth to that?

It's more accurate, TV Guide says, to say that Chuck wants to forget certain things. Moreover, see what you think of this latest take on the gang's Parisian adventure:

Ow, My Head

Does Chuck forget what he did? Or does he just wish he could?

"Gossip Girl's petit voyage is inspired by the immortal Spin Doctors, in that there are two princes, both of whom are royally screwed when it comes to their feelings about Blair."

Comments and theories are welcome below. If it doesn't sound like there's much hope in the short-term, remember there will be Chair sex at some point this season.

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I hope Blair doesn't cater to him. I love it when Chuck chases after Blair!
Is Chuck supposed to be the second prince. Well good, I hope he's groveling. I do think he may have amnesia at first but seeing her may start to job his memory or something to that effect. I kind of hope he doesn't have amnesia though.
Love Chuck and Blair!


i agree if you hate the show, then please get lost


wait...who's the second prince?


i think it is chucks twin brother and chuck is dead. the twin brother was in europe with his mother. that is why the mother was all eager to leave cos she had another will be more dramatic this way.


OMG! can't wait to see him on my TV again! TEAM CHUCK!


THANK YOU, Julia. I totally agree. That's why I barely post and in fact, that's why I don't even think about joining the forum. All you see everywhere here is: "boring", "so repetitive", "i'm sick of GG", "I hate chair", "i'm quiting watching it", "GG writers suck".... Jeeeeez, it just makes wanna vomit. I don't why ppl love to waste their time on stuff they either hate or can't stand.


Aww He's gonna be so adorable and confused. It might make him being with another woman so fast after Blair make more sense now, if he can't even remember her.


maybe that's why he dresses better


jess, if you dont care, why did you post? Dont you have anything else to do? I am so tired of the same 5 person in this site always making negative comments about the show. Why are you still here if you hate the show so much, go find something that give you pleasure.


i like that song too.. though i had never payed attention to the lyrics... it's on an ad here in argentina, for cellphones o something.. i don't remember

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