Gossip Girl Caption Contest 119

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HA! TV Fanatic reader "Laura" cracked us up with this week's winning Caption Contest entry.

It's posted below the photograph and it's likely the only time these two have been compared to the Beckhams - but the reference totally works, based on the picture. Thanks to everyone that played and don't worry if you lost...

... there's always next week!

Connor and Taylor Pic

When Posh and Becks were first told that America would change them, they had no idea how much.

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Lani [derena ftw] LOL! Love this one!


TAYLOR: Connor, what are you looking at? CONNOR: How do you not see zac efron dancing with lady gaga over there!?!?!? TAYLOR: I'm trying out for the part of jenna cavunaugh on pRETTY LITTLE Liars. So i just covered my eyes in black makeup. yes event the inside. so its like im really blind!!!!!! --takes off sunglasses-- CONNOR: You look like that everyday. jusssaying. --whisteles and walks away--


TAYLOR; Connor, i don't get it!!! Why wasn't anyone at my concert last night?!! they were probably..uhm watching the premire of Hellcats...right!?!??!!? CONNOR: Uh.... yes? -thinking , well noone bought even one ticket jeez!--- --awkward laugh---


@lucybasstard THANKS I LOVE URS TOO :)


Humptastic! Says:
September 6th, 2010 2:02 PM JENNY: So..Eric, what do u think of my new lipstick color??? ERIC: --thinking: hideous.Ugly. Dark. Shit lips.--- Uhm it looks great jeNNY! LOVE THIS ONE!


Eric: Um jenny? Why deos your face look weriod today? and its not really sunny out....so why sunglasses?
Eric: chill!!!!!! Im just wondering?
Eric:(thinking to himself) Holy crud is it that time of the month for her?
Jenny: Listen eric! i woke up today and found that my lips are swollen, i have racoon eyes which is why i have sunglasses, and my left eye brow goes over my sunglasses!!
Eric: ew.


Jenny: (talking to Eric) I love the movie Mean Girls
Eric: Me too, espically when the mom say's "im gonna cook you girls up a hump day treat"!
Jenny: Ok eric thats so weriod, how you know that line from a chick flick.
Eric: BECASUE your last name is humphrey and it has hump in it..just like a hump day treat
Jenny: You are so immiture eric. Im leaving and btw change that ugly look on your face. Have a nice HUMP day.


J: You wanna see some crack?
E: I see enough of you already.....
C:...not as much as I have


J: finally, i'm back!
E: Bitch please, I'm Queen Bee now


E: I always feel so uncomfortable with her behind me. Haven't you read the article about her and the knifes???

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