Gossip Girl Caption Contest 120

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Welcome to the 120th Gossip Girl Caption Contest, Upper East Siders!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... Sacre Blair. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to Elllenn x, Kami, saarele and Queen B. Thanks to all for playing, and from all of us at TV Fanatic, we appreciate your continued visits! You're the best!

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Serena (in the car): What are you looking at?
Blair: You-know-who.
Serena: Oh my god, Voldemort?

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blair: how odd to see you in a random street in PARIS. it's like as if we were meant to see each other!
chuck: well, i might have a little thing to do with this "omg" moment.
blair: cool! love the cane, btw.
chuck: thanks. it was nice talking to you blair but i have to go find my girlfriend.


blair:(thinking: omg! its chuck!)well, hello chuck!
Chuck: do i know you?
Blair.. ok, your being extremely disrespectful. Louis, scoot here please. as you can see, i have a new boyfriend.
chuck: i don't talk to strangers, bye.
blair: WAITT!! i need to make you jealous!!


Chuck - (thinking)...Man why does the sight of that girl in the back of that limo turn me on so much??? its like i'm having deja vue Blair - Chuck?!?! You better limp away fast cause i'm shovin that cane right up ur a$$!!! Chuck - (thinking)...how the hell does she know my name??? Well then again, I am Chuck Bass.


Blair: Well, I heard you were banging around, but somehow I didn't put a cane in the equation...


Blair: Patrick Dempsey?!?
Chuck turns around.
Blair: Oh, it's you...


Gossip Girl (quoting "Cruel Intentions"): "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer...."


Ed: Blair?
Leighton: No...it's Leighton, do you want a ride to set?
Ed: Blair I'm so sorry for what I did!
Leighton: He's finally lost it...hop in Bass.


Gossip Girl: When it rains, it pours. And it looks like that Chuck-sized cloud over B's head is letting loose.


B -"Henry Prince?"
C - "Yes. The epitome of Royalty itself, can't you tell by the clothes? Or does the cane overthrow it?"


Blair: OMG can i not escape this chuck sized cloud over my head

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