Gossip Girl Caption Contest 121

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Welcome to the 121st Gossip Girl Caption Contest, Upper East Siders!

This week's Caption Contest, using an image from the recent season premiere of Gossip Girl, was won by TheYalier. Nice work! The winning entry appears below!

Honorable mentions go out to Ain't Born Typical, TheBitchIsBack and spencer. Thanks to all for taking part and best of luck again in next week's new edition!

Blair in Paris

Woman in the painting: Can you believe how revealing her dress is?
Man in the painting: I know, it's almost as if she were Serena!

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I reallllyyy like the post from TheBitchIsBack :) genius and funny


Louis: Blair!!
Blair: louis! what a surprise!! i thought you were in a meeting!
Louis: it ended too early so i decided to come here. i've been looking at you for about half an hour. for the entire time, you kept on staring at the Manet. i also love manet but not that much.
Blair: oh, umm.. i don't know how to explain this but.. i have this thing for the naked chubby woman in the picture. it's as if she's a part of me. it's like she's the missing piece in my life. to be honest, i only come to paris to see this picture. i sometimes spend 2 days watching this. the securities here know me. they sometimes let me sleep here. i don't like it but it's worth it.
Louis: okayy..that's weird..your weird.. i don't like weird people, were done
Blair: wait what?!!!
Louis leaves
Blair: i bet chuck would've said "i agree" to my comment. i miss chuck :(


Blair: S! Do you think that if I stand in front of this painting then people won't see how pale I am?
Serena: Oh is that you Blair?! I thought that was just a blank canvas opps!
Blair: OMG really?! Serena hurry up and call Snooki and "The Situation" we need some bronzer stat!


Bottechelli bodies are so 1993. Perhaps I'll send this awful choker back to that era as well.


Damn TheYalier, yours are so damn funny


Blair: Now I'll just stand here and keep this pose until Chuck sees me and realizes what he's lost. It's the perfect plan.


Blair: Manet's "Dejeuner", I always heard it is was the best place to meet a prince.


House Of Wax 2:Gossip Girl style!


Painting,Painting, on the wall whos the sexiest one of them all. Painting:Turn around and your see for yourself. (Blair turns around) Blair:Oh god please "S" wrost chocie ever! Can someone please come burn this painting.......Off with the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yes, i also prefer the nude ones!

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