Gossip Girl Promos: "Touch of Eva"

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Next week on Gossip Girl, Nate suspects Juliet is keeping a big secret from him and decides to confront her, while Dan finds himself torn between feelings for Serena and Vanessa.

Oh, and Blair schemes to undermine Chuck's newfound happiness. Might that mean setting out to destroy Eva? Is she not quite as innocent as she seems? This promo hints at that ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/touch-of-eva-promo/" title="Touch of Eva Promo"] [/video]

As usual, extended and alternate versions give us snippets of additional scenes, and in this case, BIG revelations about Eva, and a key conversation between Chuck and Blair. Whoa.

Follow the jump for two more, extended promos from "Touch of Eva" ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/touch-of-eva-promo-extended/" title="Touch of Eva Promo: Extended"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/touch-of-eva-promo-canadian/" title="Touch of Eva Promo: Canadian"] [/video]

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I know I may be the only one, but I like Chuck and Eva together, I find them pretty cute. Rufus & Eric really pissed me off in last week's episode, like, ok, Chuck deflowering Jenny wasn't appropriate. But it's not like he raped her with two dudes participating and another one filming, give Chuckles a break. As for Blair I usually like her, but I think she was uselessly mean to Eva. I think I'm gonna be super mad if it turns out she made up the whole prostitute thing. What's the point of breaking Chuck and Eva up if it's to say "How can i love you after what you did" ?


I totally agree! Blair was the one who was with him through all the most difficult times, including when he was about to commit suicide! Plus, she loved him despite all the bad things he had done. Which means their relationship is in another league to Eva & Chuck's. I mean, come on, even their shipping name is awful - Cheva?! Really?


It's really irritating that Eva is the one getting all of the credit for making Chuck a "better man". She just happened to be there when he decided to start over, it was a timing thing. Blair is the one who has always been there for him through everything; she did anything and everything for him. Eva hasn't done anything.


By the looks of the ''Keepin it classy'' promo, when Dan and Serena are lookin at the red laptop they're watching porn cus in that promo there's a scene when Blair has the laptop and says ''internet porn!!'', FRENCH porn if u know what i mean ; ) winks winks *eva*.
So my guess is that she was on some porno movie, or maybe she's like a mail order bride.


Why is the Canadian promo the one that shows everything? Okay, some spoilers had told us that Eva was a whore (really, the title is TOUCH of Eva, a bit weird, right?), but why do they have to show Chuck and Blair fighting, that's the thing I prefer to find out on my own.


is it just me is juliet infuriating?
i really want to know who the guy in jail is!


the word that dan and nate were saying was PROSTITUTE!!


God, get rid of Eva already. I mean, Blair and Chuck were sexy! This season so far, Gossip Girl has been as steamy as a sauna filled with sixty year old men: only in name.


great season, so exciting and fun


Canada, I knew there was a reason I loved you not involving maple syrup or Sandra Oh! I do agree with the whole 'Chair need to sort out their issues' thing, but to be honest Chuck's not doing anything other than repeating a pattern. When he was sleeping with Blair back in season one and they broke up, he slept with other girls. After breaking up from them actually being in a relationship, he gets into a new one almost instantly. But we always knew Blair still loved him - come on, the train station, people! The train station!

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