Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "Double Identity"

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We've posted three promos for you already, now here's a sneak preview clip from next Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, "Double Identity," in which Blair and Serena chat about B's upcoming date with Louis and S' difficult choice between Nate and Dan.

As they leave the cafe, Blair says there's nothing that could ruin her date. But we have a hunch a chance run-in with a certain person might change that outlook ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/double-identity-sneak-preview-1/" title="Double Identity Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

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Does anyone know what blair say at 0:32?
"I plan today ??? ???? Think diana the princess of the people"
I can't hear what she say. & I don't understand the glove thing.
Someone please help me joj Thanks!!


You're right about rendez-vous but to be accurate in France we can say Rendez-vous galant.Galant is an adjective, It means romantic.so actually un rendez-vous galant is the same thing than a date. And we actually use either the expression "date" or "rendez vous galant".


Actually rendez-vous means just a meeting or a meeting place,
there is nothing romantic about it,


"Humphrey's a donut." epic, lol


YAYYYY for one of the newest Chuck and Blair epic scene.These moments make me totally addicted to GG.I am very excited for the second episode that I can't wait.


FUNNY DIALOGE when blair finds out serena is going to columbia and blair doesnt want that to happen. BLAIR: I NEED TO SUCCEED ON MY OWN, I WANNE BE MYSELF, SOMEWHERE I BELONG......LAST YEAR FIRST WITH NYU AND THAN WITH CHUCK....IT WAS THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE serena: yeah well my last year was pretty awfull to....I felt for a married man, and got in a major car accident, I faught with my mother so much that I was basicly homeless and then there was my dad. WASNT BLAIR JUST A VICTIM? LOL serena can blame herself for 99% of her trouble....poor girl she deserves to go to columbia lol.

Serena and nate 9494

hats so true, they do have a contract! haha okay thats good,, cause when i heard that on the radio i was shocked! alot of people prob. just recorded the show -Well yeah,that's true,a lot of my friends watch Gossip girl,and they just download it from the internet cause in Bulgaria,we don't have the CW. So don't worry if this season is good they'll probably won't cancell it


Serena's hair was all I could look at what happened to season 1 hair?.... poor Blair she won't get her date with that prince guy but I don't think she deserves him after the way she treated him! I was like damn why does she care if he's a driver! So materialistic!!!


@sexymotherchucker yeah I recorded the show! I watched it after because its such an amazing show I dont wanna watch commercials so I just wait and do all my homework!


If she chooses Humphrey I´ll be super done with this show.

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