Gossip Girl Spoilers: Major Breakup Ahead, Juliet to Blame!

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What's on tap for our favorite Upper East Side crew in the coming weeks?

Let's just say Juliet's meddling in "The Undergraduates" was just the start.

"Something wicked comes their way," EW reports this morning, and you can point the finger at Katie Cassidy. "Juliet’s butting in is going to lead to a major couple breaking up."

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What's Juliet's grand plan and who will bear the brunt?

How will Juliet's agenda, whatever it might be, set a couple's breakup in motion? Which pair is it, and how will it come about? Theories and comments are encouraged below.

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i dont think juliet is going to break lilly and rufus because i dont think thatwould make a huge deal to hurt serena.i think the guy in jail has got something to do with the hole pete scandal,and maybe the relationship thats getting broken up isnt a love relationship but a friendship with either lilly and serena or even blair and serena.


So I think its Dan and Vanessa, why? First because Juliet needs V on her side, how else can she go about it but by having those two break-up and having S take the blame? I don't believe its B&S because they already know she is up to something, and I also heard th rumor tat D&B get together to take Juliet down, why would either of them work together if B&S hate each other?


it'll be the breakup of serena & blair i reckon. juliet's big plan was to destroy blair&serena's friendship, leaving serena with no one. dan/vanessa break up in the 5th ep though.. but i don't think that would have a big impact on the juliet plot lol.


i think its dan and vanessa... because spoilers say there isnt much drama with the whole lily-rufus front


I believe it'll be Rufus and Lily... They are the only major couple on the show (There's also Dan and Vanessa but I don't think she even cares about them) plus we already know that Serena and Lily will teamup against Juliet so... That's sad!!!If I'm indeed true it'll suck 'cause I love Rufus and Lily!!!


I have a feeling its going to be Dan and Vanessa- which is sad cause i love them!


OMG is anyone paying attention to this show??? it´s NOT danessa she´s done with those 2!!! and rufus and lily could die and juliet wouldn´t even care!! the major couple break up is BLAIR and SERENA!! Hello she even said to that guy in jail that the only thing left was to split their frienship cuz dan and nate were easy GOSH!!


Unless Ausiello was being cheeky and the major couple is a friend pairing, like Blair and Serena or Chuck and Nate. Or maybe Lily disowns Serena - I'm trying to think outside the box because Rufus and Lily seems too obvious since they're the only major couple left.


@ chio
OMG I KNOW YEAH? he was so good. and as if lily and rufus would just u know never mention there son again? i hope he comes back too


I know this has nothing to do with Juliet, but I was just wondering... What has happened to Scott, the half brother of Serena and Dan???,I mean it's like he just vanished in the air or something like that, there's not even a mention of his name what so ever. I think that character was really a good one for Gossip Girl, Scott must come back!

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