Returning to 90210: Mekia Cox as Sasha

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Mekia Cox has landed a recurring role on new NBC drama Undercovers.

Therefore, we didn't see this news coming: Zapt2It reports that the actress will reprise her role as Sasha - the older love interest of Dixon's who faked a pregnancy last year and was called out on it by Debbie - on season two of 90210.

Dixon and Sasha

A CW spokesperson confirms the report and says Sasha will return on October 4 with "shocking news to Dixon."

What might that be? Leave a comment below and/or head over to our 90210 forum and let the guessing begin!

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My first thoughts were that she has aids. I read that Dixon "fears for his life".


It's pretty obvious she's going to be HIV positive, and give Dixon a giant scare (although by the end of the episode it'll turn out he didn't catch it), and of course trouble the now innocent and sweet Ivy, throwing her naive self into that new guy's arms. DRAMAAAA These writers are rather predictable.




Even thought this site has good information I hate coming here because everyone talks crap about 90210. If you don't like the show, and you think it's desperate for ratings then why read blogs about it? It really makes me mad. Also, I think that writers of this site sometime instigate it.


Sigh...I'm so woried about this show. Nothing I've heard so far has made me excited.


Yes, she has HIV and she will come to one episode to tell Dixon about it .


just when you htought this show couldn't get any more desperate for ratings -__-


hi, im gussing sasha's shocking secret is either she shows up with dixons baby, or shes related to dixon


Sheðs probably related to him ... that would be... awkwardly awkward ...


I bet she comes back with Dixons baby, and Dixon is like, "What???"

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