Tate Donovan to Direct Gossip Girl Episode

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You may remember Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cooper, Marissa's financially unstable dad on The OC. Well, now he's coming to the Upper East Side as a Gossip Girl director!

“Tate is directing an episode this week that will air in November,” an insider told Hollywood Life, to which Tate's rep later confirmed the story. “As of now, it’s one episode."

"But we’ll see what happens. He’s been working on his resume as a director for years now. He’s done several top shows and [the Gossip Girl producers] have wanted him.”

Tate on GG

Tate Donovan is coming to Gossip Girl ... behind the camera.

Gossip Girl, at least at the onset, was hailed as NYC’s version of The OC, and both are produced by Josh Schwartz, so it’s fitting that an OC star would make an impact.

Now we just have to work on Rachel Bilson ...

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California...here we come.


How gnarly indeed.


Absolutely LOVED the O.C.
Rachel Bilson would be awesome on GG. Not sure if her as Summer Roberts would be good. No. But as someone else, yes.


Yes! Rachel Bilson needs to be on Gossip Girl!!!! Make it happen Josh!


rachel to make a bitch! eoiheoohiehoie
or a crossover with the oc. would be more than perfect..


I say Rachel Bilson comes to GG as Summer Roberts with Adam Brody as Seth Cohen. GG/OC Crossover would be the best thing that could ever happen!!

Al in germany

Now if Rachel Bilson were to guest star that would be interesting. Not sure about Tate Donovan's directing credentials. Charlie McCarthy didn't do a great job last season and he came to it with similar experience, but I guess this is jobs for the boys, so fair enough.


Its Joshua from Friends!


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