The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Bad Moon Rising"

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Welcome to this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

Following an episode that shed new light on the Lockwoods, paired up Alaric with Jenna and gave us a closer look at Caroline as a vampire, our staff has gathered to analyze "Bad Moon Rising." Join the discussion below in our Comments section and/our our show forum...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Gotta go with Caroline calling out Stefan for his impressive ability to brood. I laughed out loud at the reference to his "Hey, it's Tuesday" face.

ViddWizard: Damon's reply to Alaric: "There is a huge asterisk next to that statement: he came back to life." I love Damon's wit

Elena: Damon to Vanessa: "If you wanna see me naked, all you have to do is ask."


What do you think of Caroline as a vampire so far?
M.L. House: I think she's hilarious. If Damon is conflicted and Stefan is melancholy, Caroline is a breath of light-hearted, immortal air. You know, like an insecure, neurotic control freak... on crack.

ViddWizard: Rockin' my socks off! Should have changed her last year.

Elena: I'm actually pleasantly surprised with Caroline as a vampire. I almost like her better than human Caroline. I didn't expect them to have her actually bite Matt, but it is The Vampire Diaries, and it did play a part in her ending the relationship to save his life.

Elena ending her friendship with Damon: Fair or foul?
M.L. House: Totally foul. Let's face it, people: Jeremy is annoying! His brooding makes Stefan's Tuesday face look downright joyful. He's also sort of a wimp. Elena should be thanking Damon for almost ending her brother's life. The last she can do is flash the guy.

ViddWizard: Given his recent tantrum after he tried to kiss her (in which he killed Jeremy), I would say fair.

Elena: The thing that makes it fair is the ring. Damon didn't see it, which makes what he did totally unforgivable.

Come up with a relationship nickname for Alaric and Jenna.
M.L. House: Anna. It fits, and its an homage to Jeremy's recently-lost love.

ViddWizard: Really? who started this trend? Okay... Alenna. Wait, that's actually kinda cute.

Elena: Jelaric.

Who would win in a fight: Mason Lockwood or Jacob Black?
M.L. House: Jacob. He could do it with two abs tied behind his back.

ViddWizard:I am going with Mason. He just seems a bit scrappier to me.

Elena: Definitely Mason Lockwood. Jacob's wolf is bear-sized, but Mason has more wolf experience.

Tyler Lockwood Pic

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I'm for VIddwizard's shippy name, Alenna. That's what I was thinking when I saw them kiss and I died and went to shippy heaven! Alenna FTW! By the way, Delena is not dead at all. I reckon Katherine was totally right (and totally cliché) when she said some relationships start with hatred. Elena held a personal grudge against Damon last year because he killed so many people, including Vicki and lots of "innocents". She managed to overcome that and he was just being his normal evil self. Given that Katherine sent him on a bender, the fact that he snapped Jeremy's neck just seems like an elevated aspect of the personality which Elena was already aware of. The producers can't have an eternal grudge or they'll lose the Delena fans for good, besides the fact that eternal grudges are crap TV (ok for movies though..), which means they'll have Damon do something epic to win Elena over, in which case, more dying and going to shippy heaven for me. TVD is great no matter what other people say!!

Anna maria

mason is hot! much hotter than jacob..anyway, I get Elena, totally, but I love Damon so much, she HAS to forgive him! Am i the only one who is totally into caroline-stephen? Two vampires together would be so interesting, especially now that she ended it with Matt. that was pretty decent of her by the way, he's so sweet and doesn;t deserve a vampire for a girlfriend..anyway, I'm really looking forward to her alliance with Katherine!


Love Damon, but I think he's gotta give Elena more time. She'll eventually get over it. Jeremy IS really annoying, and I realized I wouldn't miss him at all. I was just upset that Damon screwed himself over like that.


Nickname for Alaric and Jenna: Jenaric. lol
GREAT GRAPHICS FOR THE WOLF!!! LOVED IT! I love Caroline as a vampire. I love her now hanging around Stefan and becoming friends. I was freaking out though when she was under the wolf.
I think she is funny, and what she said about Stefan is so true.
WHAT A B for trying to kill Elena! Dumb lady. Totally visable that Elena doesn't want to be Damon's friend again.


and his expression on this photo for that matter?


dude. somebody needs to say something about tyler's pants. am i the only one who digs/finds totally ridiculous his pajama-bermuda-swimsuit?


Even though Kats words were pretty awful when Damon said Katherine really pissed him off that sounded like the lamest excuse ever heard over killing somebody's little brother.


As much as I adore Damon (and as much as that manipulation on Elena's part bugged me) I can totally understand her not forgiving him. He really did like a physcotic killer (I was really pissed. Geez could you sound more blasé?) and what's more I have a little brother I'm irritatingly protective about so I can totally get where Elena is coming from. I mean cmon that is the one thing you CANNot forgive. Not even for a smirk that sexy or an apology (and an admission to how much he did need Elena's friendship) that was clearly hard for him to get out.
My FAVORITE line- "If you touch her I will never speak to you again!" and Damon's "what- just because I took an arrow in the back for you, you think...." Ha! Elena's expression was truly thoughtful then as though she was genuinly surprised she wasn't a vital factor in deciding Damon's next move.
Loved it when he took the arrow though. So totally Damon. Surprisingly I also loved the Stelena kiss meant to annoy the already annoyed Vampire- pretty hot. Any conversation between Caroline and Stefan was hilarious- complete with Stefan taken aback to consider himself be percieved boring. Also when Mason was tying himself in chains he quickly went from being the villian to being the good guy for me.
SO LUPIN from Harry Potter! All in all incredible episode.

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