TV Fanatic Exclusive Interview: Sarah Drew Discusses New Grey's Anatomy Season, Big April Episode!

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April Kepner may not have gotten off on the right foot with Grey's Anatomy fans, but don't take that out on Sarah Drew. She is awesome - and she recently spoke with TV Fanatic in an exclusive interview about her character and the show's seventh season!

Below, she describes how her character copes with the events of May's finale and teases what's next for April and the rest of the Seattle Grace surgeons starting next week ...

April Photo

Sarah in last season's finale. [Photo: ABC]

How are things going on the set of Grey’s Anatomy?

It’s really fun. I love being here, I love being at work. The cast and crew are amazing and so much fun. It’s a blast. I’m excited because episode three is a big April episode, so I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into that one.

What is the third episode about?

April has a big secret that is revealed and it opens the door for a lot of possibilities for her. It’s a delicious little secret.

What can we look to for this season?

Basically, the season premiere picks up a few weeks after the event of the season finale. We’re seeing all of the characters dealing with the trauma they’ve just gone through in different ways. James Tupper is guest starring is a grief counselor and he’s the gatekeeper to all of us to allow us back into surgery. It’s really cool because it really shows the kinds of human reaction that could happen to this particular situation. Some people are scared to go back into surgery where others are desperate to get back into surgery, whether or not they are ready. There are also people that just jump right back on the horse and then you have no idea when they are going to crack and explode.

Tell me about April’s character this season.

For the first two episodes, she ends up getting right back on the horse and getting right back into surgery. She’s one of the first people to be cleared for surgery. I have a feeling she’s going to have to crack at some point. She went through a lot and for her to easily swing back into surgical duties is…who knows. April is on top of things from the get go, and doesn’t really care.

Could you do that?

No, I would definitely go to therapy. I would deal with everything, I would cry and mourn. I’m also very emotion. April has been very emotional, she’s done a lot of crying on the show, but she’s more of a stuffer. It’s definitely not healthy. She has a moment where you can see her real guilt of getting Derek shot, but outside of that, you don’t really see her dealing with anything yet. I bet that’s coming. April has a lot of insecurities and deals with those by being very passive-aggressive, which is very not me.

You also appeared on Glee. How was that experience?

It was amazing. I’m obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with that show. It was so much fun. That show is hilariously written and a delightful people to be around. I had a blast playing uber, uber weird and awkward. [laughs]

Do you have any other projects going on?

Grey’s Anatomy is taking up my time. But I just had a movie that premiered in Newport Beach Film Festival called Tug, which is a romantic comedy with Sam Huntington and Haylie Duff and Zachary Knighton. I’m not sure what’s happening with it.


I'm totally agree with what Natalie said!!!


April seems like a girl who was abused as a child. Think about, it makes sense with the bizarre way she behaves. I don't think that's a delicious secret, but it would explain a lot.


i think u are all wrong - april probably is a virgin, but i think the secret is something career related, opening up possibilities for her? 'superfreak' being the title of the episode i think she has a skill she has been hiding.


i dont like her at all... dont care what happens to her, she needs to leave.


I rather not have her on the show at all


April is either a virgin or bisexual. Sarah Drew is saying that the secret is delicious, so I'm guessing that the secret has to do with something sexual.


@ana114, April being a virgin on GA would make sense, especially with the title episode of 703. I would totally buy that, especially with how April is. Totally agree with you. @Grey's fan, I (really) doubt April had a substance abuse. If anything, Amelia has more common ground with Meredith (Mer may never had an 'official' substance abuse but she really used tequila quite a lot didn't she?) than she will have with sad puppy, chidlish April. And I would hate that April becomes the trigger for the Derek/Amelia reconciliation. She has nothing to do with Derek. Let her find someone else that cares. I think that Mark and Meredith will help the two siblings make up.


oops, i meant with haha:)


i can definately see april being a virign...she is very childish, snd she did say shes never been loved, and if you think about it, shes the only mercy wester that hadnt done anything with anyone, kissed, slept with etc.
reed slept with mark i think, and jackson tried to get with crisitna, and i dont think charles did anything really, but at least he had always treid to get with reed, but the only thing april really did was flirting eith derek, if u call it flirting. she never really made a pass at him, he had no idea that shes was interested, we only really knew, because shed glare at mer, or make a face, like she was mad, or lovesick........haha:)


I have a theory on what April's secret is. It might sound far fetched at first but hear me out. April is a recovering drug addict. The April episode is the 3rd of the season right? That is when Derek's sister is coming who is a recovering drug addict. Derek and Amilia's realationship is strained because of this. So I'm thinking April will tell Derek about her own history with drugs and that is what makes him make ameds with Amilia.

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