When Will Meredith and Derek Have a Baby?

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Over the years, Derek and Meredith have gone through more than most couples on TV.

But nothing compared to events on the sixth season finale, as Meredith suffered a miscarriage and Derek almost died from a gunshot. The repercussions of both these developments will be felt when the show returns on September 23.

Once Derek learns of the lost child, "he's devastated," Patrick Dempsey tells TV Guide, "because I think he's the one who wants the child more than she does in many ways. [A baby is] life-affirming for him, so I think he would definitely want to have a child and develop his house and things like that."

What a Pretty Face
Derek the Chief

Meredith lost a baby to conclude season six. How will Derek react to this news on season seven? [Photos: ABC]

Ellen Pompeo adds that Meredith and Derek will act in a "more adult way" next season, with the topic of a baby foremost on their minds.

"We'll explore things that real couples go through with the decision to have a child, balancing the child with work and careers, and whose career is more important; however that goes," she said.

So, can fans start picking out items for a McBaby shower? Not so fast, says Dempsey.

"We've got two more seasons," he says. "I think they'll struggle with it, and then probably not this season, but next season they'll maybe have a child. It won't happen that quickly."

Wait... did Dempsey just hint that he's leaving the show after season eight? Both his and Pompeo's contracts are up in 2012 and the topic of how many seasons Grey's Anatomy will/should run for has been a popular one for fans.

Sound off now: Do you want Grey's to continue after Ellen and Patrick leave? Do you want Mer/Der to have a baby before they depart? And what should they name it if so? We have two requests: George if it's a boy; and anything but Izzie if it's a girl.

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To Mrs McDreamy: I agree 100% and we need to somehow voice our opinion to Shonda Rhimes. I hope she's thinking along the same lines as us.


i think they should call if its a girl ( miranda taylor shepherd)
and it is boy ( christopher window shepherd)


I don't think that Grey's Anatomy needs to stop. I love the show my favorate actors are Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. I think that they should have a child. I also think that they shouldn't quit the show. If it is a girl i think you should name it Ella after Ellen and if it is a boy Rick after Patrick.


yes i think it should continue. i think thet need to have a child it would complete the "relationship." they should name it ella if it is a girl (after "meridith") and if it is a boy don(after mcdreamy) plus yall should get maried in reall life because it would make a great family you look really good togther


I don't think they should get rid of Grey's anatomy it is my favorite show and they should have a child they would make a great family I also think they should get married for real!!!!


Meredith and Derek should have a baby before they leave! They totally need too! Glad they are deciding to put that in the show! Yay! Lol! Sad that's this show only has 2 more seasons left..:(


mederith and derek should have a baby.


If EP and PD where too leave the show, i would not continue watching. I love all the other characters, but i think that Mer and Der tie the whole show together, they are the heart and soul of the show!
I think Shonda Rhimes, and all the rest, did a great job picking the characters to play mer and Der. I feel without them the show just wouldn't be the same. Whenever you see them on tv you just get that comfortable feeling you know...
i hope that at the end of there contract they decide to make another one, that would be a dream for all the fans!
If the show does sadly come to an end however i think that Mer should have the McBaby in season 7, so it gives her and Der a chance to bond with there beautiful McBaby!!


i think that is sweet that they are finally having a baby!
for a girl i think: Alice (after Meredith's mother)
because she died, and if my mum died i would name my baby after her. and for a boy, im not sure maybe "George" because he was a good friend of theres and he died =( i really dont want this show to end, i love it so much! if it end's i will be absolutley devestated. I wish Grey's Anatomy could go on forever and ever =)


So even the sceptical Christina has an ACTUAL wedding ceremony, leaving Meredith & Derek the only NON legal marriage? What Crap.

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