Where Did Nate Go on NCIS: Los Angeles?

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Much like NCIS hinting at the inevitable return of Eli David almost in passing, NCIS: Los Angeles set a potentially big story arc - Nate's unexplained assignment and sudden disappearance - in motion Tuesday, only to drop it. You'd think these shows were run by the same guy.

A series regular all of last season, Peter Cambor was listed as only a special guest star on the NCIS: L.A. season premiere. Then Hetty shipped Nate off to who knows where.

Nate Getz

Uber-shrink Nate is gone for now ... but where, and until when?

According to reports, we'll get our answer in next week’s episode, "Borderline." Whether that means we'll see Nate on the episode - or ever again - is another story.

We like that they keep us guessing (Dom's abduction was a major season one plot), but should they keep doing this with characters? Where do you think Nate is?

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i stopped watch a ncis LA a long time ago becuz of their cast decisions. namely they killed off dom, why they wrote off nate, eric's humor is kinda forced for my taste, and the two tech ppl annoy. every1 else was cool, but i also thought there was TOO much action compared to the original NCIS (but NCIS i thought didnt have enough action lol)


Has anyone else realized that Dom died taking a bullet meant for Sam? He died a hero's death. Pretty cool for a TV show. They could have drug out his abduction and really fouled the plugs on the show. Side note: they seem to kill ALMOST EVERY BAD GUY. I'm currently doing a body count...lol


From what I gather Nate is going over to Afghanistan to potentially help troops over there dealing with the stress of combat. As he stated he can go help them now. Either he is going over as an NCIS agent/psychologist to assist American troops or potentially he may join the military and go over.




Omg you guys are a bunch of babies. So they kill a couple characters? Big deal! It makes it more exciting instead of knowing that they will return safe and sound like every cliche. The director(s) is doing a great job and he should keep up the good work. As for the rest of you, grow a pair!


If NCIS Los Angeles looses one more key character I believe that the fans of this great show will start to loose interest. It would be like watching a train wreck. I was unbelieveably disappointed when Dom was killed especially after all that the team did and sacrificed just to get him back. I think if any more of the team gets written out it will definately be the end of a great show.


i will miss nate getz if he leaves nics la i hope he stays longer then don did it was that don was killed off i hope they don't do that to nate


The director has to stop killing off the characters. I really liked the Nate character. When the director killed off the first character, he let us know that he was going to continue doing it. Its not fair. I understand about keeping the viewer guessing, but find another way. If the actor wants off the show is one thing, but to keep having main characters disappear or die is tiresome.


The reason they got rid of Dom, was because they failed at writing his character in a more compelling way. They screwed up though. After his abduction, they had the opportunity to write in more complexity for the character. Instead, they took the easy way out. This is just one reason to me the show falls short of being what it could be.


On NCIS Kate was the one who wanted to leave. JJ leaving Criminal Minds was very disappointing. CBS did that. As for Nate...I have to say I don't miss him.

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