Blue Bloods Review: "Officer Down"

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This week's episode of Blue Bloods, “Officer Down,” opens with a robbery where a police officer is shot and killed. Is it wrong to say that the Officer being on her cell phone bothers me?

I suppose cops are allowed to make personal phone calls like the rest of us. I can’t help but think she might have seen signs of the robbery sooner if her attention wasn’t diverted by talking on her phone and maybe she wouldn’t have been killed.

But this is a TV show and then we wouldn’t have much of a story.   

Delivering a Eulogy

The search for the cop killer is interspersed with the Reagan family debating whether “the good ole days” were really so good. Henry certainly thinks so.

In his view the criminals of the past knew when to work with the cops. He tells the story of a local crime boss who delivered a cop killer to the police with two bullets already in his head. It seems naïve for a veteran cop to have complete faith that the criminals had the right guy. 

Danny obviously wishes for “the good ole days” as he asks his new partner to wait in the car as he drags his suspect out and threatens to shoot him as the man screams for his lawyer.

Do you think Danny’s new partner will stick around this time? It sounds like they’ve worked together before and she seems willing to bend the rules much like Danny. Will that make this a partnership made in heaven or destined for hell? Only time will tell.

The Blue Templar is brought up again. This time Jamie asks Danny about it. Danny is even more evasive than their grandfather was last week. I really don’t care much for the Blue Templar story because honestly, it isn’t much of a story yet. Perhaps they’ll do something to pique my interest as the season goes on but so far I'm just bored.

Does it seem as though Jamie and Sgt. Renzulli are only being used for the lighter, comic relief scenes? Not that I mind. They do it well. After the cop’s death and funeral we needed a lighter moment but I’d like to see these two used for more in future episodes. 

The chronic domestic dispute scenes were fun. The woman on the sidewalk telling the neighborhood through a bullhorn that her husband is a pig and actually having a giant inflatable pig, (named Penelope no less) was very funny.

I can only imagine how much of that kind of stupidity cops have to deal with. The real pig at the end was huge! That just can’t be legal to have as a pet in NYC, can it? I think someone needs to call animal control.

The story in “Officer Down” was secondary for me. The character interactions are what kept me interested and that seems to happen more often than not with Blue Bloods. Do you feel the same?


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That speech/eulogy by the commissioner Reagan was a killer... Her death was beyond anyones control-she was in the wrong place in the wrong place! It must ve bn d work of karma or stin; its been months since i watched that episode but i cant get out of my mind that officer's son saluting the commissioner-4me, it goes beyond Hollywood...


I agree, My hubby is in law enforcement and he calls me on his lunch to check on me and the kiddos! its not like she was suppose to be working and making a call!


I'll admit I had a sick feeling in my stomach watching her talk on her cell phone. With the title Officer Down you knew what the outcome was going to be. They did a nice job with the funeral. They took longer with it than I expected and Tom Selleck nailed that scene. IMO he holds this show together.


I started watching for Tom but I want to see more of Will Estes. He only gets small scenes every week while Danny steals the show and Danny can be hard to like. I want the writers to start to flesh out all of the characters more. I think someone said it last week that the show can feel like the Detective Danny show.


She was on a break but we all spend so much time with cell phones connected to our ears that we miss things and the cop got surprised. I know it could have been anything distracting her but sometimes I think cell phones will be the death of us all.


the reason the cop was on her cellphone was that she was having her lunch break and she was dropping off her ring to be re-sized at the diamond place...she wasn't working when she was shot...maybe everyone should pay more attention to the plot....

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