Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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In this new sneak preview from next week's Gossip Girl, "Goodbye, Columbia," Serena tells Blair about Gossip Girl's savage treatment of her. But B's mind is wholly elsewhere.

As we discussed when we posted the initial Gossip Girl promos for the episode, Chuck has in fact enrolled at Columbia, and Blair is determined not to let that bring her down.

Her strategy? Becoming the understudy to Martha Chamberlain, an influential business prof. Serena's inspired by her BFF, too, but will their both of their plans go awry?

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/goodbye-columbia-sneak-preview/" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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actually I was kind of fascinated by their ways of time management ,a whole hotel to run and still find time for college education , scheming and etc ,isn't those time suppose to use on business ? anyway , I have always love the Waldass / CHAIR , they are epic, the scheming king and queen fight ? that's wonderful drama for GG !I think they will be back together after some time ,after all they are magnetic as ever ( as chuck put it) and couldn't denied the force of attraction between them.
They are the most wot of the picture , everything should be even easier !nderful happening in this show ,and they are so lovely to be seen together. Nothing could stop them to be together and with EVA out of the picture , things are even easier .


Yes, yes, yes Blair and Chuck war. I mean they are awesome together but as they are equally matched it'll be hillarious to see them use their scheming powers against each other. Anyway they'll get together eventually, they always do so I'm happy to enjoy the ride. Chuck enrolling in Columbia that's even cooler, bringing the gossip girl scene back to actual age appropriate area for the characters. I hope he actually follows through and stalks Bair in some classes lol. YAY. Gossip girl is so back, love it!!! = D.


Leighton Meester is so talented, and she's so much better than Blake Lively. Blake Lively always make that kind of boring face whenever in the movie or Gossip Girl. Anyway, I think Leighton is a great actress. I like her a lot, because she's interesting and she doesn't screw around.


I don't like the way things turned out in latest episodes. I mean, Blair has been acting foolish and childish, that's true, but have you maybe forgotten how Chuck treated her in the last season? if things are actually so bad for this 'couple' is all because of Chuck. Chuck and his awful deal with Jack to have his hotel back, Chuck sleeping with Jenny (and he also hadn't the courage and the responsability to tell Blair.) So, I don't like Blair's behaviour right now, but I don't blame her. Chuck considered Eva the only person able to change him, but.. how many times did Blair tell him that? She fought for him so much in the past and I've never seen Chuck fighting for her as he did for Eva instead. I just think that these two 'lovers' have just to talk clearly and not acting like stupid kids. They're supposed to grow up right, aren't they? so I'm wondering why things could not be easy for this couple but there is always drama, hurt, and fights. this makes me tired of it.


I was heartbroken when chuck declared war, especially as Blair never denied loving him, she just said she couldn't forgive him... But a good ol chair war will bring back all the things that made us fall in love with GG in the first place. Bring. It. On.


Isn't Chuck supposed to be running his company? And yet he has all this spare time... Well, Blair shouldn't have run Eva off but you have to admit that it was too easy... Eventually she would have gone anyways. Basically this whole fight is pretty dumb.


I no aye... I wanna egg his house then help him clean up... naked, nah jokes.


i mean people blame him but should blame her!!!


why peopel balme always chuck and blair for what she did? she is bad much more than him with eva....such a bitch and stupid


Omg, can't Chuck freaking leave Blair alone???? im guessing he want to destroy her?!? well, sorry Chuck, but you accomplished that already last season! but sure, spoil her slow recovery too :-@

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