Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "War at the Roses"

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It seems that with Meester Chuck no longer fighting with her, Blair Waldorf is just itching for some conflict. We feel bad for Dorota, Eleanor and everyone else in the Queen's path.

You just know that this tension, as seen in the sneak preview of "War at the Roses" below, will boil over at some point. The only question? Limo or table. Right, Chair fans?

See our Gossip Girl Round Table for further elaboration on that and other topics from this week's "Easy J." Then check out the first clip from next week's episode here:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/war-at-the-roses-sneak-preview-1/" title="War at the Roses Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

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It's adorable! Chuck and Blair are ment to be ♥



Jennmo13 gg 3

i can not wait for this episode it looks so good! hot hate sex! chuck and blair! ahhh


hahah i love it when eleanor goes "blair we dont need any trouble" really fast :)


i cant wait for the hot hate sex!! and we all know they both dont HATE eachother either...they're just hurt from everything they put themselves through


I personally am not looking forward to Hate sex cause it's just that HATE sex. sure it's gonna be really hot and awesome and WE know that they still love each other. But still... it makes for their relationship after this "affair/hate sex" to be even more twisted than it already is. Blair will apparently just end it then get a new love interest then what...? I need some positive spoilers not just hate sex hahaha


An episode likely ending in an implied hot sex scene.
But then I worry....what comes afterwards? By that I mean the rest of the season at least..?


how cute....she just cant stop thinking about Chuck!!!!!!!!!!!


limo or table = BOOTH


Just gotta love Blair för asking Doroto "what's going on with me?", and Dorota knows perfectly well whats wrong!

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