Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck-Blair Truce Thwarted By ...

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Gossip Girl fans hoping for Chuck and Blair to get back together may find their wish is granted in the next couple of weeks, although it won't necessarily be pretty.

Think War of the Roses meets lots of sex. We're talking hate sex, people.

That much we're already aware of, but here's a new wrinkle we can pass along, thanks to EW. Nate and Serena attend Blair’s birthday party together, as friends.

Dan the Doughnut

Is the seemingly hapless Humphrey up to no good?

It's these two that get Blair and Chuck to sign a peace treaty and call a truce. All good, until Dan, "who stands to benefit from B&C remaining at war, steals it."

Why do you think Dan benefits from a warring Chair? What will be the implications of his theft of the treaty? We look forward to your comments and theories ...

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Blair and Churk must be together, if cant, bring a perfect man to blair..............


i will protest gossip girl forever if the make dan and blair get together. that is ridiculous. chair forever, although chuck needs to start treating her better. why does he always get to move on, but blair gets screwed over by all of the guys? if the writers won't make them be together (and exciting while they are at it) then chuck can be single for a little bit and blair with the french guy, but by the end of the season, together forever.


this seems like a really obvious dair spoiler to me- i hope so anyway :)


i would like to see blair with another guy, but still having feelings for chuck. like serena & dan/nate always have some things for each other..


I'm sorry, but the whole sex with easy-J ruined Chair for me. Up until last season I was a Chair fanatic, but now I have grown sick of how the writers treat Blair. Chuck hurts her over and over again, and has sex with her #1 minion, and poor Blair cannot even get one decent romance or payback. Blair is too good for Chuck, she needs a new man.


I hate how Serena has become an amorphous blob of usable personality traits. Her character should become more mature. They're really wasting Blake Lively's considerable acting talents (look at her in the Sisterhood movies!). I like Dan, he's like the best friend you always wanted, but I hate how he thinks he can look down on Chuck and Blair and be all holier-than-thou.


I think Blair deserves to have a new man in her life. It's so unfair ! Look at Serena, she dates 2-3 guys per season :( And at the end she has feelings with Dan again.


who cares about dan? he is boring and useless. But Im happy about chair sex YAY, FINALLY


I HATE JENNY she should leave forever and YAY NATE AND SERENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


xheather91x where did you get the spoiler and where can I find more?

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