Grey's Anatomy Promos & Sneak Previews: "That's Me Trying"

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The drama is really building on Grey's Anatomy. Cristina reaches a boiling point next week, as evidenced by these promos and sneak preview clips from "That's Me Trying."

Dr. Yang is finally faced with a do-or-die situation that forces her to rediscover the fire.

How will she respond? And will Arizona and Callie really leave for Africa as a happy tandem? We posted a photo gallery for the episode earlier. Now, here's ABC's first promo:

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a Canadian promo AND two sneak preview clips from "That's Me Trying." In the first, Owen has the team conduct an extremely elaborate trauma drill.

In the second, Cristina admits she's paralyzed by fear. All the time ...

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Promo (CTV)"] [/video]

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Sneak Peek #1"] [/video]

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Sneak Peek #2"] [/video]

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Owen's training thing looks interesting! Wanna see how the residents handle it. Judging by the promo pics, they're not coping with it too well. And I'm pretty neutral towards Cristina's SL. It is saddening and heartbreaking to see Cristina so vulnerable and scared (a total opposite from the old Cristina) but it also gives the audience a chance to see how complicated and how much depth Cristina's character has. Also, Sandra is truly a brilliant actress. :)


Cri is scared all the time so why are you going to Dr.Wyatt?Cri has need a break and we too.She seems a kid that does the whims and now she's boring,now.She doesn't want some help by Mer or other.Good Shonda ,you are happy when the people a little bitch with Mer.


S5 we saw Mer and Cris estranged, and I'm just wondering if we're heading that way again? Although there are pics of Cris house warming and Mer is there, but I can't recall seeing any pics of Cris or Der there. Where's Cris's therapy? It would seem that Mer is taking the brunt of Cris's PTSD at the hospital, not Owen. Shouldn't this be being addressed by the chief? 7.06 pushed the storyline on another 6 weeks at least. I'm just wondering if we'll see Cris in the OR again before episode 11, when GA takes its Christmas break


I think that for the last two seasons I've had all the PTSD I can handle. first with Owen, now with Christina. Seriously... I want it to be less of a drama and more of a trauma. Christina being traumatized I understood, for about three episodes into the new season. shonda is dragging this for no good reason. christina needs a kick and fast. I suggest something more powerful than mer's 'let me take over', something in the lines of...a little girl holding her father's hand on his deathbed because Christina can't wake UP


Man you guys are harsh. Cris went through a MAJOR trauma and is really suffering as a result. If you love her then you're with her which is why Mer is being so patient - would it really kill us to do the same. Given the way everyone else has bounced back so quickly I find Cris' SL to be the most authentic and therefore the most interesting. Sure, I really hope she recovers but I for one am willing to give her and the writers time to do that in a way that in a way that will actually make me believe it.


@ ana114 I don't know. This SL is getting boring. Poor Meredith everything is about Cris so much for her being the lead. I wonder when she's getting her own storyline.


Someone is going to have to explain to me what in the F is Cristina scare of because I don't see it.


Christina blames Mer for what happened. At least partly or subconsciously or irrationally or whatever. That's why she had that look on her face. And let's face it, during the shooting, all she did was look out of Meredith, kept her from running to the gunman when he was shooting Derek and then operated at gunpoint because it was her husband. Besides, Derek was the reason why the gunman was there in the first place. SO, in a freaky way, Meredith and Derek are to blame, even though it isn't their fault.


When Cri is under pressure gives a bad impression about her,this isn't the first time that Cri has this face to face with Mer .Shonda has done to become Mer as a rubber bounces her all.Mer is too much good in this case, Cri is Mer's suolmate ,but Cri isn't about Mer...Ellen Pompeo is beautiful with her new cut -hair.


Mer's hair looks really good. She's so cute. Poor Mer getting yelled at, she's only being a good friend! I think we should be prepared for Mer/Cris break or something. There's tension between them, maybe she's blaming Mer that she is 'ruined'.

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