Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "Almost Grown"

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This week's Grey's Anatomy, entitled "Almost Grown," marks another trip behind the camera for cast member Chandra Wilson, who made her directorial debut last year.

In this sneak preview from the episode, Lexie melts down in a critical situation and Meredith is left in charge by Derek. Safe to say tensions are running high in Seattle:

[video url="" title="Almost Grown Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second clip - in which Callie gets competitive over the potential windfall for her department - and two quick promos from the October 21 episode ...

[video url="" title="Almost Grown Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Almost Grown Promo"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Almost Grown Promo: Canadian"] [/video]

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Why isn't Cris in therapy? Owen's pushing her into surgery seems to have pushed all thoughts of therapy helping her cope with her PTSD out of the chief's/Owen's minds. Dr Wyatt would kick the ass of that trauma therapist who flitted in and out. He didn't seem to pick up on the problems that he left untouched or avoided by many of the surgeons. I know it's a storyline, but I was unimpressed by the Perkins bloke who supposedly America's top trauma therapist. I hope he doesn't ever reappear.


@ Adeline, Like Noelle said, it was just assumed since it was never mentioned at all. Lexie was April's "guide" on Invasion, so general assumption that April was on Lexie's level (especially that 3/4 of Lexie's class was dismissed) but later was assumed that they were on M/A/C's level. Sometimes, this show doesn't make sense, LOL.


@Noelle OHHH. haha got it now. thanks for answering! it just shows how the audience might have already accepted them as seattle grace residents! :)


Adeline, I know you put this for Anuflas, but I figured I could respond, since I read it. :) Jackson and April came from Mercy West as the same year residents as Cristina and Meredith and our other original interns. I don't think it was mentioned much - or at all.


@anuflas, there's a nagging question in my mind. if it's just the fourth-year residents who will be attendings for the day, why is April and Jackson given the scrubs too? They should be in the same year as Lexie - third year residents, no?


Fuj, I wasn't aware, actually, of Cristina's unwillingness to answer questions until I saw the most recent sneak peek that Insider posted maybe an hour after I responded to you. I was only able to go on the recent episode where Cristina helped the worm guy. I can see where what she's doing (or not doing, rather) is getting to be a real issue. She should be able to answer questions, especially when they are not pushing her to be in the OR. To be honest, I feel bad for her (and yes, I know these are fake characters! haha). I'm not really sure why her PTSD seems to be worse than most. Alex got shot, almost died, and yet he's back on the floor, working with patients. Meredith almost lost her husband, and lost her baby, and yet she's cleared. I think, for Cristina, she doesn't know how to get her problems out. Meredith went through therapy before (was it Season 3 or 4?) when she spoke about seeing her mother attempt suicide and all of that. Cristina watched her father die and probably never went into therapy. She's always immersed herself in surgery and in her job, and now she has no clue what to do. Honestly, it sucks not seeing Cristina the way she used to be. In fact, I think after the shooting, the only point where she was remotely herself was when they all found out April was a virgin, and Cristina was pushing Alex to de-flower her. Now that I have seen the new clip, I get what you mean by Teddy's actions, and I do agree with you. I wasn't aware that she literally wasn't answering questions. It seems like she's given up, or maybe even wearing the dark blue scrubs makes her feel like they're pushing her more than she wants - even if it's only for a day. All that aside, I'm really hoping - and wanting to see - Meredith kick ass on the bleed she has to take care of. She's a Neuro girl.


@ Noelle,
I do get what you mean, I really do. And I am on Cristina's side through all this. But during rounds in this sneak peek, she was deliberately refusing to answer questions regarding patient care. Teddy never asked her to scrub into anything. In fact, most attendings have adopted a "whenever you are ready" approach to Cristina. Even if Cristina thinks that getting an answer right during rounds means that the opportunity to scrub in is open to her and that this is too much pressure, she is only hurting herself by damaging the quality of her education. She is still a surgical resident - her medical training is on-going. While she is clearly not able to be in an OR just yet, she should participate during teaching rounds. Meredith, Lexie, Alex, Jackson and yes, April, all suffered immense trauma with her, yet I see them trying and failing and trying again to get their lives back. Cristina on the other hand is so paralysed by her fear that she's standing still. Something needs to happen to shock her back to life otherwise it will move on without her. That's why I applaud Teddy's taking off the kid gloves. Because at least she knows that wasting Cristina's potential would be a sin.

Katherine salvatore

woah!!! im so excited for this episode!! meredith better pull this one out! i know she can :)) its so cool to have a mr and mrs sheperd both neuro surgeons!! that insane! :)) and lexi is so funny hahaha she cant believe that mer is an attending LOL i love this show!


Meredith better kick ass in this unsupervise solo surgery.


Fuj, While I agree that Cristina should be doing more than what she is, she had a gun to her head. While in surgery; "The one place where I can come and think." She's also conflicted, because she can't go home. Being a surgeon is all she knows. If she goes home, she's away from the one place she loves, but if she stays, she's constantly reminded of what happened to her. Teddy was barely affected by the shooting, and I really think she needs to be a little bit more sympathetic to someone who was almost killed trying to save her best friend's post-it husband, and as well as one of the best neurosurgeons in the hospital. Also, Cristina is still working with patients, she just can't go into surgery or deal with a major trauma. Just my opinion, here.

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