Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "These Arms of Mine"

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Get ready for a new look at Grey's Anatomy, courtesy of Seattle Medical.

In this week's episode, "These Arms of Mine," a documentary film crew visits SGMW hospital to chronicle the lives of the surgeons in the wake of the shooting tragedy.

As the sneak peeks we've posted here show, the episode is filmed entirely from the crew's perspective. In this first clip, Mark reflects on his relationship with Derek:

[video url="" title="These Arms of Mine Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow this link for a photo gallery, and follow the jump for another clip from the episode, in which Meredith, Cristina and Mark introduce us to a transplant patient ...

[video url="" title="These Arms of Mine Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

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This fake documentary style is just an excuse to use the moronic shaky "hand held" camera technique. Please pass the Dramamine!


Calzona buys home togheter and Mark remains only and thinks to Lexie because he cannot stay only.


Or a job offer..


Reasons for Arizona to leave Seattle, maybe her dad gets injured and her mom needs her?


I 'm so excited for anything to see this episode ,if i want a documentary-style i go to see national geographyc.I don't like the smile and nice faces difront to camera ,they seem that they are doing an interview for a mag and no a tv-show. Mark and Derek give a bad example .I' m so sorry i'm going forward to this episode...


Well, I wouldn't call it bad acting...I guess he's 'acting bad' on purpose. Marc Sloan is the bad actor and that's why he's acting so strange in front of the camera.


@lacy, I know it's really weird to see Katie... But, it's weird to see April too, since she was on PP like Katie. And she played a pregnant women who gave her son for adoption...
They really shouldn't use the same actors and actress, but wth they need a job.


I agree, Eric Dane's acting was pretty awful. It makes me realize how important all the lighting, lenses, etc. are in a movie. And when there is just a naked camera, all the flaws of acting come out.


I hate this types of episode, they give you zero insight on things.


Der and Mark are letting their egos get ahead of themselves, a reation to the cameras? No wonder Callie is rolling her eyes. But have to say eye candy doesn't always a good actor make. I'm thinking that about Eric Dane.

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