Hawaii Five-O Spoilers: Ready to Meet Danno's Wife?

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Hawaii Five-O is casting for Danno's ex-wife.

Because this cop's daughter is the reason he moved to the island to begin with, it was only a matter of time before we met his former better half. According to a CBS notice, the show is seeking a British actress to portray the angry character, someone who grows even more livid when Danny and McGarrett show up to use her home as a command center.

But don't be surprised if the tension between Danno and his ex is partly of the sexual variety. Have any suggestions on who should take on this role?


Who could have let Danno get away?

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So she's not English, she's an Aussie!


I think they should cast Rachel Shelley. I personally think she was awesome as Helena Peabody on the L Word. Sexy.


I hope they do cast her, but I like the idea of not seeing her as well Lol Hopefully if we get to meet her, they can try to redeem her character.


If they want a British actress I would suggest Jaime Murray she recently had a role as H.G. Wells in Warehouse 13 and was awesome. I first saw her in season 2 of Dexter. These two roles prove she can pull off the "sexy bitch" part that the part of Danny's wife would need to be.


I think it might be cool if they never cast her.. and have Danno's wife be one of those characters you never see. She could just be that "ring tone"... or even just a "voice". Then we could all imagine her as the "bitch in our mind" :D I always enjoy shows that have those interesting background characters that are heard but not seen.

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