Jessica Capshaw to Miss Multiple Grey's Anatomy Episodes

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Jessica Capshaw will miss several episodes of Grey's Anatomy due to her maternity leave, but it may not sideline her as long as you think. The woman is a pro at motherhood!

This according to Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator and executive producer, who tells EW that the actress who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins may even be out only two episodes.

The upshot: Enough for a major Calzona bombshell, but not a prolonged absence.

In a 'Zona

MISSING ARIZONA: We will be, but thankfully, not for long.

“We’re basically playing it by ear,” Rhimes says. “If she needs more [than two episodes], she’ll let me know. She’s not a new mother; she’s done this before. She feels like she’s in great shape and will be physically ready to come back almost immediately."

"If she needs some more time, we’re going to give her more time.”

As far as how Arizona will be written out, that question will be answered in dramatic fashion at the end of the October 28 episode, which features the Seattle Grace documentary.

Shonda also addressed the topic of why Derek wasn’t angrier at Mer for hiding the fact that she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage on the Grey’s Anatomy season six finale.

“I would've really disliked Derek for being angry at Meredith for failing to tell him she had a miscarriage the day he had been shot," she said. "I would have thought he was an ass.”

Fair point. Finally ... will we ever see Alex happy again? Happy may be a bit of a stretch, but on October 28, "he channels his inner Justin Bieber while treating a pediatric patient."

Use your imagination there and comment away.

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I miss Arizona!! i have no clue how they are going to bring her back. i kinda hope its not JUST for Callie. And i wish they would do something with Lexie!! she is one of my fav characters because shes funny.. they need to get her into something other then being stalked by Mark.. even though they are cute together! Good luck Jessica and hope to see her back soon!


Hahaha! Alex channelling his inner 'beiber' that sounds like it will be good veiwing!


Why are so many people posting about Derrek being angry or not being angry? It seem so nonsensical. Your wife loses a baby, she doesn't tell you right away b/c you're recovering from life-saving heart surgery, not wanting to increase your stress. It played out perfectely. McDreamy's main concern was for Meredith. What are all the concocted issues? Geez.


I agree Derek should of shown more emotion then what he did, and if he was angry it wouldn't be at Meredith, his anger may have been directed at Gary Clark and that situation, because it was seeing Derek getting shot and then seeing Derek flatline in the OR pushed Meredith into losing the baby. And to someone else's comment, if Meredith does have a 'hostile uterus' that could have caused her to have a miscarriage, and the events of the shooting had nothing to do with the miscarriage, Meredith would of lost the baby anyway, but the stress of the shooting just pushed her emotions to the point that her body had to reject the baby. I'd like to see Derek get frustrated, not at Meredith, but with himself, and now that he knows about the loss of his baby he may stop his reckless driving (speeding). And to the other comment, I miss Izzie too, but I'm glad she's gone, and now the writer's can focus on Meredith and Derek more, which the show is mainly about, it's about Meredith and how she copes with her life as a intern/resident/ and hopefully her fellowship, then attending at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. The rest is just icing on the cake.


I guess Shonda assumed we wanted Derek to get mad after mer told him about the miscarriage. we got to twitter Shonda and tell her what's up. i didnt expect him to get mad, but geez, he didnt seem to care much at all. so that still makes him look like an ass, shonda.
we needed a longer scene, and some emotion from derek wouldve been nice.not anger, but sadness.
as for the justin bieber thing...i also think alex will end up singing to a kid. i hope im right cuz id love to hear him sing to a kid, thatd be so cute.
they really need to get rid of some characters so the main ones can have more scenes.


Totally agree with MerDerForever. Why doesn't someone ask her THAT question??? I've tried on Twitter but she won't answer me. Typical.


Just want to pass on good wishes for when Jessica she finally goes into labour. Should have proof read that line. Should of read. Just want to pass on good wishes to Jessica for when she finally goes into labour.


I love Jessica Capshaw, with Jessica going to have her baby, I think this will give Arizona a chance to go visit her parents, she hasn't been home for awhile, and that would be a great storyline to go over the 2 episodes she will miss. Question: Is the guest spot with Peter MacNicol who will be playing Dr Stark, be a filler for when Jessica is going to have her baby. I like how they hide her belly behind a jacket and large bag. Just want to pass on good wishes for when Jessica she finally goes into labour.


Seriously Shonda? How deep. :/ My question...IS THAT TOPIC GOING TO COME UP IN THE EPISODES AGAIN? OR is the misscarriage (which you led us to believe was a HUGE deal) not even going to come up again? I'd like her to answer on that, because if mer/der don't talk about that in more emotion that can possibly be shown in less than 2min, i am going to be PISSED.


You know, with so many characters, they could leave her out of an episode or two and not even say anything. She's over in Ped's, no one would even notice. But I guess doing it in a dramatic fashion is more Grey's Anatomy's style.

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