Jessica Capshaw, Husband Welcome Second Child!

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It's a girl for Jessica Capshaw and husband Christopher Gavigan!

The Grey's Anatomy star is now the proud parent of Eve Augusta.

"The family is thrilled to welcome their newest addition," her rep says.

Jessica Capshaw, Husband

Jessica no longer has to be filmed strictly from the neck down!

Capshaw, the 33-year-old daughter of actress Kate Capshaw and the stepdaughter of Steven Spielberg, already has a son, three-year-old Luke, with her husband Gavigan, the CEO of non-profit Healthy Child, Healthy World. Congratulations to both!

It's unclear how long the actress will be away from the Grey's Anatomy set, but the baby was actually born October 20, and she's been in every episode so far this season (including this coming week's), so hopefully not too long. Stay healthy, all!

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wooo! estoy anciosa por ver los nuevos episodios... pero la verdad jessica y sara ramirez hacen tan bonita pareja que enserio te la cres y seria genial que en la vida real andaran...


Congrats on the baby. I will miss Callie and Arizona. Arizona is one of my favorites. Come back to us soon. We need more Callie and Arizona.


Congrats Jessica! So happy for her! But I'm so gonna miss Arizona these next epis...


that is great news, I wish them all the best, now she needs to "haul her cookies" back to GA before I miss her too much!!! hahah


Congratulations to Jessica on the birth of her daughter.


Yay, congrats to Jessica and her husband on their newest addition to the family!! =)


Congrats to Jessica and her family for their newest addition :D


haha,@Jenn, I didn't even catch that! I guess I read what was meant rather than what was there!
Anyways, congratulations to Jessica and hubby! I'm sure she's beautiful!


Haha- I think you guys mean "from the neck UP." I got a very funny mental image of all these headless shots when I first read that. :)
Good for her- that's awesome! (yes, the word I use for that is awesome.)


Congrats to Jessica and Christopher!


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