New Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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In the first sneak peek we showed you from Monday's Gossip Girl, Blair outlined her latest plan for Columbia and how she will overcome Chuck's enrolling at the school.

These next two clips focus on entirely different elements from the episode, entitled "Goodbye, Columbia." In this one, Serena makes the acquaintance of a new guy ...

[video url="" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

Hmm. Might there be some romance potential with this handsome Colin? He certainly seems quite charming. As far as Bro-mance goes, well, it's hard to top Dan and Nate.

Follow the jump for a funny clip of Nate outlining his night's plans with Juliet, and asking if Dan and Vanessa want to come along. Free appetizers will go a long way ...

[video url="" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

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Oh is that really true - those spoilers? Sounds pretty good except that if feel sorry for Blair about her B-day.


CB SPOILER 4x07 - DIALOGUE I’m pretty sure this is LEGIT. Can’t be 100% though.. BLAIR: What are you still doing here? Chuck: holds up a copy of the treaty he got from Serena’s room, rips it in two. CHUCK: I wanted to let you know that the treaty is over. BLAIR: I’m happy to hear it. This pretense of civility was exhausting. Even though it was Dan this time, it’s obvious it would be you the next. CHUCK: Being amicable isn’t in our blood. We can’t be friends. Friends have to like each other. And I’ll never like you. BLAIR: I’ll never like you, either. Infact, I hate you. CHUCK: I hate you, too. BLAIR: I’ve never hated anyone more. CHUCK: Every nerve ending in my body is electrified by hatred. BLAIR: There’s a fiery pit of hate burning inside me and it’s ready to explode. CHUCK: So it’s settled then? BLAIR: Oh, it’s settled. But instead of leaving, he grabs her. And she lets him. It looks for a second like he might kill her, but instead… he KISSES HER. She kisses him back. And all that tension that’s been brewing between them explodes in angry, amazing HATE SEX on the dining room table.


lmfaoooo, it was on a tumblr.
the info was provided from someone who has read the script though.


Gossip girl is getting so good again back to season 1+2 standards = D!!! Intriguing and worth the watch. Does anyone know if Chuck is going to be a permanent fixture at Columbia now???? I know he has a business to run but really all he does is run around scheming anyway so he might as well put his time to use at an educational institution = P. Mainly just because I would love to see Blair and him fighting on all grounds including him messing with her at school and her attempts to become Queen B. I hope she has something good in store against him too. Love it when these two fight, they're so good together as enemies or lovers.


how did you find this juicy information out? ha


he's Samuel Page!!! I knew I recognized him from Desperate Housewives last season... I searched him up on wikipedia, and yup, that's him! :)


who is the guy playing colin!?!?!?


OOOH S when will you learn??? This guy is a teacher and he works with Juliet in her lets-ruin-serena-van-der-woodsens-life plan.


OMG! please don't tell these spoilers!!! i read them in the forum and it's so horrible to know everything before watching! now i know that it's going to be blair's birthday and chuck and her are going to have a special moment! PLEASE DON'T READ ANYTHING ABOUT THE SPOILERS! YOU'LL REGRET IT!!!


can't imagine nate playing scrabble...:D

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