New Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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In the first sneak peek we showed you from Monday's Gossip Girl, Blair outlined her latest plan for Columbia and how she will overcome Chuck's enrolling at the school.

These next two clips focus on entirely different elements from the episode, entitled "Goodbye, Columbia." In this one, Serena makes the acquaintance of a new guy ...

[video url="" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

Hmm. Might there be some romance potential with this handsome Colin? He certainly seems quite charming. As far as Bro-mance goes, well, it's hard to top Dan and Nate.

Follow the jump for a funny clip of Nate outlining his night's plans with Juliet, and asking if Dan and Vanessa want to come along. Free appetizers will go a long way ...

[video url="" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

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I wanna see Dan going gay on Nate, that would be HOOOOOOT!!
To me, Dan is the hottest one of the 3 guys of GG, there's something super sexy about him.


everythng could be true... but I mean it seeems a lottle overboard with the "Blair is walking around to go to bed and sees Chuck is still there. He rips up the peace treaty and says they can never be civil, they aren’t friends. And she says good, I hate you. He says I hate you, too. Then he grabs her and they have sex on the dining room table."....


is it really that hard to find a cab in NYC? it's not just Gossip Girl; in other NYC setting based dramas and movies too, i see characters fighting for a cab all the time...


if that story below me is true... xoxo


MAJOR GOSSIP GIRL SPOILERS!! plots for season four episode 6 and 7! (from people who have read the script!) 4x06 is rough. Blair has a dream that she’s being attacked and thinks it’s Chuck, but it’s Jenny, and so she realizes Jenny’s back. She then proceeds to be AWFUL to Jenny because she dared come back to NY, and she nor Jenny know it was Chuck who set up the Parsons interview. Blair gives Jenny a day pass to do her interview, but then Chuck sets it up to make it look like Jenny went to the Empire. This sets B off, she ruins Jenny’s interview with Parsons. Chuck offers to help Jenny meet up with Tim Gunn again at a party, which is where they all figure out Chuck was behind everything. Jenny is so mad at Chuck and Blair that she sends a GG blast telling everyone that she lost her virginity to Chuck, and Blair is mortified, and Chuck is shocked. At the end of the epi, Chuck and Blair call a truce, but they have this moment where Chuck says that night was no one’s fault and it was just fate. They shake hands and he leaves.So, unfortunately, no, Blair does NOTHING in the war against Chuck. It was a totally one-sided war. He hurt her with the class/TA thing, then set it up for Jenny to come back knowing that Blair would go nuts on her. So the only victims in the Chuck/Blair war are Blair and Jenny. Oh, and Chuck is back to sleeping around. He’s with two girls and a masseuse. Chuck does tell Dan to tell Jenny he’s sorry. I just don’t understand, because it really did feel like in this epi the CJ thing is all that’s keeping CB apart. 4x07 is the peace treaty thing. There’s apparently one clause that neither wants anyone to know about. It’s also Lily and Rufus’ anniversary, and Dan gets mad, because he wants Jenny there but she can’t come because of Chuck and Blair. So Dan decides to make it look like Blair broke their treaty and sends a bogus GG blast about her having coffee with Jack. Only, when he goes to reveal it to Chuck, he finds C and B there laughing and having coffee, because they recognize his plan. Blair mentions that she knew where Jack was and Chuck asks how and she’s evasive. Then Chuck makes a gross remark about Jenny to Dan and it further pisses Dan off, so he digs around and finds their contract and makes a plan to sabotage them at B’s birthday party, which is that night. Blair invites Chuck to her bday party. At the party, Blair is inviting all the staff/faculty from Columbia, including a woman she is particularly interested in learning from. She keeps telling Eleanor she wants to be a powerful woman. But then Robyn comes on stage and says she has a surprise adn Blair is freaking out like NO! Robyn intros a video and it’s Blair, drunk signing “Stand By Your Man� on top of a piano with Chuck and Robyn trying to get her down. Blair is mortified and accidentally knocks the woman she admires into a chocolate fountain. Blair assumes it’s Chuck who does it and Robyn tells her it was (but it was actually Dan). They find out it was Dan and everyone is disappointed in him, including Rufus, so he goes home and Vanessa is there and they’re happy to be friends and ashamed of the way they have let the UES affect them. Oh, and Blair tells Chuck that she knew where Jack was because she hired a PI to follow Chuck after Eva left so she would know if he was still contacting her and the PI told her where Jack was. Eleanor and Blair have a conversation after the party where Blair tells her that she wants to be a powerful woman, but that around Chuck she becomes a scared little girl. Eleanor gives her a pep talk and goes to bed. Blair is walking around to go to bed and sees Chuck is still there. He rips up the peace treaty and says they can never be civil, they aren’t friends. And she says good, I hate you. He says I hate you, too. Then he grabs her and they have sex on the dining room table. BIRTHDAY SEX.


I dk for some reason I think Dan Humphrey might go Bi on us! Hey it could happen! Just like in the books!


I don't especially like either of these characters on their own, but I have much love for the Humphrey/Archibald bromance.


As far as I know from spoilers, Colin is her professor...


This ep looks decent.


..Well that dude was irritating!!

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